CE Chapter 40 – Tailless Spirit Beast

Chapter 40 – Tailless Spirit Beast

Translated by Sugar

Editor: Connor, Immortul
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CE Chapter 34 – Unwanted Visit

Chapter 34 – Unwanted Visitor

Translated by Sugar

Editor : Kloud Goat, Conner

Before we start the chapter, I would to announce a good news. As you guys can see, I just got a new domain \(^o^)/!! This means I can earn some money to help pay my taxes. Since it is running by WordAds, I hope that you guys can help me by turning off your adblock and whitelist this site. Thanks you for your support! Without further ado, let us commence the chapter.(*≧∀≦*)

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CE Chapter 32 – Playing Tricks

Chapter 32 – Playing Tricks

Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Immortul, Kloud Goat

Milestone #5

This is for 50 follows! Since I have a new team, I am able to release chapters a lot faster. To all my Chinese friends, I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. 恭喜发财,新想事成, 万事如意, 猴年大吉! Hehe, I hope you guys can share some of your 红包 money. Hehe! Just kidding. Enjoy the chapter!

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