Character List

Some readers while reading will get confused who is who. So this acts as a cheat sheet for you guys! 

Some descriptions may be updated as the story progresses.

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Character List

These character are listed according to their appearance. If I have missed any, please leave a comment so I can add them. Thanks

Hua Jin Lan, Jin Lan – Our main Protagonist. Also know as Young Mistress. 21st century assassin suddenly she enter Jin Lan’s (Previous Host) body.

Hua Jin Lan, Previous Host – Committed suicide by jumping into the river. Known as Previous Host in the translation. Second Daughter in Hua Household.

Jiao Yue – Jin Lan’s female servant

Chu Yun – Jin Lan’s male servant, 14 YO

Su Huan – Previous Host saved her in the past, ex-assassin in Yue Empire

Chun Yu Ru, Yu Ru – Princess Wen Ya, 4th sister in the royal family.

Chun Yu Zhuang, Yu Zhuang – Second prince in the royal family

Chun Yu Yan, Yu Yan – Third Prince in the royal family, known as a wandering/travelling prince.

Wen Zhao Yi, Zhao Yi – Main cause why Previous Host committed suicide. Works as a Gigolo at Ti Tou Pavilion.

Mei Er – Sealed Jin Lan’s Martial Arts. Horse-keeper for the Hua Household. Knows Jin Lan’s real mother.

Hua Wan Yu, Wan Yu – Daughter of Luo Xiang. Used to bully Previous Host in the past. Uses the whip to punish Jin Lan. Ranked Shuang Hai (#13)

Hua Bai Xiang, Bai Xiang – Head of Hua Household. Master. Father of Previous Host. Ranked Zhu Que (#6)

Cui Xin Lin, Xin Lin – Mother of Bai Xiang. Grandmother of Previous Host. Old Madam. Ranked Zhu Que (#6)

Miao Luo Xiang, Luo Xiang – Wife of Bai Xiang. First Wife, Mother of Wan Yu. Madam. Step mother of Previous Host.

Hua Fei Sheng, Fei Sheng – Eldest Son. Ranked Qi Lin (#10)

Hua Que Qi, Que Qi – Third Son, Fraternal twin of Wan Yu. Ranked Chi She (#11)

Fei Ao – Part of the Four Main Family, Fei Household, Met Jin Lan in a Brothel. Knows the Yue Household. Hangs out with Yue Zhuang and Yue Liang. Fourth Son in Fei Household.

Fei Xian Yun, Fei Xian – Third Son in Fei Household.

Yue Zhuang – First appeared in male clothes but is a female. Young sister of Yue Liang

Yue Liang – Part of Yue Household. Close to the Fei’s

Yue Fu Yao, Yue Fu– A graceful Lady, Older Sister of Yue Zhuang

Chun Yu Rong – The First Prince, Crown Prince

Situ Ke – Crown Prince’s Wife, Crown Princess

Situ Wei – Great General, Adoptive father of Situ Ke, Brother of the current Empress Situ Mi.

Situ Mi – The Empress and Aunt of Situ Ke.



 Refer to Chapter 25 for more info

Earth Ranked:
Bi Fang (Red Crane)
Qing Niao (Blue Bird)
Bai Ze (White Horse)
Shuang Hua (Nine-Tailed Fox)

Heaven Ranked:
Yu Gui(Turtle Bird)
Chi She(Scarlet Snake)
Qi Lin(Kirin)
Feng Huang(Phoenix).

Sacred Ranked:
Xuan Wu(Black Tortoise)
Bai Hu(White Tiger)
Zhu Que(Vermillion Bird)
Qing Long(Azure Dragon).

Divine Ranked:
Hun Dun(Great Dog)
Qiong Ji(Winged Tiger)
Tao Wu(Human head with Tiger legs and tusk)
Tao Tie(Human Head with Goat body)