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CE Chapter 60 – Wan Yu Compelled

Chapter 60 – Wan Yu Compelled
Translated by: Sugar

Sugar is back… (again). I don’t know what to say. Enjoy the Chappies? Hope time allows Sugar to do more Chappies.

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CE Chapter 59 – Injured Jiao Yue

Chapter 59 – Injured Jiao Yue
Translated by: Sugar


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CE Chapter 58 – Difficulty Ascending

Chapter 58 – Difficulty Ascending
Translated by: Sugar

Well, Well, Well. We meet again fellow readers. It definitely has been a long time. Many of you might thought that Sugar had already dropped this long ago. This posting is to prove you guys wrong. Wahahaha.

Cutting it short, Sugar do not much access to computer these few months and the upcoming year. So updates will be slow. However, Sugar have access to writing material. Also, guess what, during Sugar’s spare time, Sugar wrote a little story. Some of you might know where this is going. Sugar is going to post the written story here. It is a fantasy, reserve harem story. Please keep a lookout and give some comments about it. Meanwhile, I have prattled long enough.

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CE Chapter 57 – Be Vigilant

Chapter 57 – Be Vigilant
Translated by: Sugar

Hiyo, did you guys miss Sugar? Spend too much time playing Mystic Messenger. Those who played MM knows that it is very addicting T.T. Anyone of my Readers play MM too? If so, who is your favourite character? Mine is Zen❤ (My Angel) and Jumin♫ (My Husband)!

Also, Sugar would like to wish Sil, a fellow TLer, a Happy Birthday! Wish him a happy bday here. <– SPAM HIM

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CE Chapter 56 – Hatching a Secret Plot

Chapter 56- Hatching a Secret Plot
Translated by: Sugar

Sugar is here again! Sugar has heard your cries about not knowing which character is who and has requested Sugar for a Character List. Sugar has already created a Character List under Congratulation Empress tab but Sugar know some people are lazy so here is the link.

Character List

Sugar is planning a trip to Bangkok. Anyone who is knowledge about the place, leave some comments down where should Sugar visit. Anyways onward with the Chappie!
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CE Chapter 55- Flower Viewing in the Mansion

Chapter 55- Flower Viewing in the Mansion
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by: OverlyFriendly & Silence (Thanks a bunch)

Previously, I talked about the translator who went to Singapore. Me and a bunch of other translators brought her around Singapore. Eating delicious food and did tourist things. I got to know several of the SG Tlers, you guys might even read some of their novels. Went to Night Safari, Alive Museum and we took lots and lots of photos.

Kyaaa! >////< So embarrassing. Enough of me rambling on and on, here is the next chapter.

Note: Crown Empress is changed to Crown Princess. Meaning = Crown Prince’s Wife

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CE Chapter 54 – Ideal Situation

Chapter 54 – Ideal Situation
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by: Kookie (Kookiedreamer)

Hiya peeps, Sugar here. It definitely has been awhile since I have added another chapter. Well…. This time, I have zero excuse! Sugar is lazy and all the karaokes in the Discord chat doesn’t help me from translating new chapters. One day, Sugar is bored and decided to translate one chapter…. So here you go ^w^7

Also, is any of the readers here from Singapore? One of the translators is visiting Singapore and she wanted to know whether there is any fun thing to do or place to visit. Help me out….

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CE Chapter 53 – Declaring War

Chapter 53 – Declaring War
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by:Sugar

Yippee! Exams are over. Now I have to go to sleep. Huh? CE? Whats that? Oh, you mean I have to continue to translate? Fine! Fine! No time to sleep I guess…
I-It’s not like I want to translate for you guys or anything…. Hmph!

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CE Chapter 52 – Threats

Chapter 52 – Threats
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by: Sugar

Exams are coming up. T . T” Anyone else having their exams as well? Good luck!

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CE Chapter 51 – Conversation in the Secret Room

Chapter 51-Conversation in the Secret Room

Translated by:Sugar
Edited by:Sugar

Here you go…. Nothing much to add. Just so tired.

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