About this Website:

Translating some Novel/s ,currently still choosing which novel to translate:

1)王妃,王爷有喜了  a.k.a Congratulations Empress


I do not claim ownership to any chapter of these novels. All chapters, characters and stories are owned by the respective authors. I do not own any of the original material.


About me:

Meh, I am just a bored person trying out some translation. I don’t feel like joining any groups. We will get to know each other through the journey.

Hope you guys can enjoy 😀

If you need to contact me for any reason,you can email me at


2 thoughts on “About

  1. good luck and hope you’ll have a good time.

    anyways, i realised that the title “congratulations” section is ” 有喜”
    and i swear “有喜” = pregnancy.

    so does this novel delve into child bearing factors, with a romantic or political relationship?

    or am i just getting something wrong here?

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    1. Tbh I dont know it myself, I am reading it while I translate. But from what I can infer, it is most likely about the female lead’s adventure while in this new situation. Well, it will be weird if I did a direct translation and put the title as mistress, master is pregnant lolz

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