CE Chapter 58 – Difficulty Ascending

Chapter 58 – Difficulty Ascending
Translated by: Sugar

Well, Well, Well. We meet again fellow readers. It definitely has been a long time. Many of you might thought that Sugar had already dropped this long ago. This posting is to prove you guys wrong. Wahahaha.

Cutting it short, Sugar do not much access to computer these few months and the upcoming year. So updates will be slow. However, Sugar have access to writing material. Also, guess what, during Sugar’s spare time, Sugar wrote a little story. Some of you might know where this is going. Sugar is going to post the written story here. It is a fantasy, reserve harem story. Please keep a lookout and give some comments about it. Meanwhile, I have prattled long enough.

Jin Lan was filled with happiness as she and Jiao Yue steamed buns early in the morning. The Royal Edict made use of what Xin Lin described as ‘Serious Illness” as an excuse to call off the wedding. Furthermore, the Royal Family bestowed gold and silver taels allowing her to afford for healthcare.

It was Wan Yu who was the happiest about this. All she did was made up a lie about a jinx, who would had knew that heaven would let her roll in luck. Not only was she closer to marry into the Royal Family, but also able to enjoy a Empress’s life. How could it not made her happy.

“Her tail is facing the sky already.” Jiao Yue smirked, mocking Wan Yu but at the same time lamented at Jin Lan. “You too, Young Mistress. Why did you want to cancel the wedding so much? Just today when I was taking noodles, the people in the mansions were like winter melon and went to the nearest wall.”

Jiao Yue was still chattering away when Jin Lan shot up a glance at the wall. “One of your winter melon is here.”

Di Wu Dao waved at her, “Kiddo, follow me.”

Jiao Yue nearly dropped the bamboo steamer she was holding. It all happened in a blink of an eye, two shadows had already left the place. Their speed was similar to an arrow that was just shot.

Zooming through the forest, trees and flowers was flashing past them. Their surrounding had already turned into a blurry green screen. The sound of wind hummed at their ear, even sounds from bird crying and the splashing from the streams nearby was but just for a moment. Jin Lan was chasing after Wu Dao’s silhouette, it was as though her body was like a sail, travelling while riding the wind.

Wu Dao spun around, stopping his step. With a bright smile, he said “ Youngsters were not meant to be underestimated.”

Jin Lan spat out a mouthful of air with satisfaction and rose her hand to brush her hair. “Usually we came here at night, why were we so early today?”

Wu Dao’s face was covered in reddish afternoon light as he smiled, “I had heard that the Chun Yu Family called off your wedding.”

With an exaggerated look, Jin Lan replied. “Did you purposely make the trip over just to see whether I was in tears and snot all over my face?”

Wu Dao’s eye was shining brightly and stroked his long beard, “In my eyes, I would presume that you only left banging on drums and setting off firecrackers to go.”

Jin Lan tilted her head and blinked quickly, “Was I that obvious?”

Wu Dao took out a porcelain bottle and a pill rolled into Jin Lan’s palm. “Consume one pill daily, also take it together with the other pill I gave you previously.”

Jin Lan swallowed the pill and asked, “My recovery process is almost completed but I am still unable to ascend to the next level. What could the reason be?”

“It is very common sight for practitioner not being able to ascend. Moreover, your skills were halted during your childhood. To be still able to have such physical prowess is already very increible.”

Jin Lan folded her eyebrows and looked at him, “You know I am not referring to that.”

“Very well,” Wu Dao knew he could not hide from her, “There are two main reason why practitioners are unable to ascend despite having sufficient cultivation. The first is the lack of comprehension, the second is due to external damage.”

“So I belong to the first category?” Jin Lan narrowed her eyes.

12 thoughts on “CE Chapter 58 – Difficulty Ascending

  1. thanks a lot!
    i’m early! right?! anyway, long time no seeee! hope you’re doing well!
    for the chapter, ohoh— it’s that guy again! and ye—s! the wedding has been called off for now, woohoo!


  2. I really liked this story even through what she wants is not clear and the progress in the story is slow but it makes people want to read more i really like this kind of storys so i appreciate you tling i hope to see more updates in near future please dont drop it keep doing your best ((0(*^*)0))


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