CE Chapter 57 – Be Vigilant

Chapter 57 – Be Vigilant
Translated by: Sugar

Hiyo, did you guys miss Sugar? Spend too much time playing Mystic Messenger. Those who played MM knows that it is very addicting T.T. Anyone of my Readers play MM too? If so, who is your favourite character? Mine is Zen❤ (My Angel) and Jumin♫ (My Husband)!

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The royal family had gotten into many trouble because of a female and this was going to be another similar situation. Chun Yu Rong slowly bent his body meeting his eyes directly to Jin Lan’s, as Situ Ke stood behind him with a refined smile.

While still seated, Jin Lan received the peony from the Yu Rong and simply said, “Crown Prince, have a seat.”

If it was any other female who had done this, she would definitely be in a world of trouble. However, she was Hua Jin Lan, overstepping boundaries while not fearing anything or anyone was normal for her. In fact, if she was to be polite and have proper etiquette, it would surprise everyone.

“This one will return shortly,” Situ Ke bowed to Yu Rong and left subsequently.

While the maid was changing the tea, Yu Rong looked at Jin Lan as she was playing with the peony. Unable to control his thought, he spoke “I wonder where is Third Brother…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jin Lan turned and looked. She managed to accurately and precisely spot where Yu Yan was. Following Jin Lan’s eyes, Yu Rong saw him perfectly.

“Keep the flower carefully.” Jin Lan passed the peony over to Jiao Yue and faced Yu Rong, “Crown Prince is different from the Travelling Prince.”

“Oh?” Yu Rong raised his eyebrows, “Where are we different?”

“Both of you like peony, but the Crown Prince loves beautiful women even more. The Travelling Prince, on the other hand, loves everything else.” Jin Lan explained.

Yu Rong naturally looked towards Yu Yan’s direction, “I have never heard that Third Brother had any interest in peony.”

“ The Travelling Prince has many interest and this one only knows just the tip of the iceberg.” Jin Lan responded. In other words, the Crown Prince should thoroughly and completely understand his own little brother.

Once the facade was over, Jin Lan used an excuse to leave the Crown Prince’s mansion. Yu Yan followed closely behind.

“This king will send you home.” Yu Yan pleasantly smiled as he summoned his luxurious private carriage.

The worn-out carriage that was used earlier was gone, it was obvious that the carriage had been sent away. Jin Lan boarded his carriage without reserve.

Patter Patter

The sounds created by the horse’s hoof was clear and melodious as it travelled on the limestone pavement. Jin Lan slightly leaned back while having a cheeky smile.

“Was it fun?” Yu Yan’s lips slightly curved upwards.

Jin Lan nodded her head apprehensively, “Just love watching a quarrel between brothers.”

“If Yu Rong was to be fooled by your words, then it deserves this king to be happy.” Yu Yan took a sip of his tea, his facial expression unchanged.

“Able to deceive him or not is one thing, I just wanted to express something. If I were to enter the Wandering Prince’s Mansion, you best be vigilant. Perhaps your backyard might catch on fire.” Jin Lan raised her head, eyes glittering.

“The imperial edict to cancel the wedding will be here tomorrow,” Yu Yan gently rubbed the bottom of the tea cup and smiled. “Also, Hua Wan Yu being destined to be the empress is some wild babble that you came up with. This king is interested in seeing how the Hua’s is going to handle this situation.

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  1. Welcome back!
    I know the feeling of getting stuck on Visual novels.
    I go through phases where I concentrate and do only one thing for a while. At the moment i’m hung up on reading LN but I had a phase of doing nothing but playing VN on my phone XD
    Thank you for coming back with a chapter. I had to do a refresh and re-read the last chapter but it was worthwhile to see something new.


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Been so long too. I can’t remember what transpired previously. Will refer to back chapters. Getting very lost here. Welcome Back Sugar.

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  3. thanks!
    oooh, interesting, hahaha! well, it was just a ‘harmless’ conversation, i suppose! lol yay, imperial edict to cancel the wedding—!


  4. I also played MM and was completely adicted to it throughout the whole time, the game is just amazing. My favourite is definitely Jumin, I just love his personality and his akward jokes were my fovourite. After him is Zen, because honestly he was just so cute and indearing, afterwards Yoosung on pair with Seven and finally Jeehae (not sure if tha’s how you spell her name). I still remember how bittter-sweet it felt to complete the whole game, it left me bawling like a baby.
    Also thanks for the TL, it was enjoyable as always 😀


  5. I finish this novels until the latest chapter in one day.. it is so nice though sometimes I got confused with the characters.. hope there will be update soon. Thanks for the translation ^^

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