CE Chapter 56 – Hatching a Secret Plot

Chapter 56- Hatching a Secret Plot
Translated by: Sugar

Sugar is here again! Sugar has heard your cries about not knowing which character is who and has requested Sugar for a Character List. Sugar has already created a Character List under Congratulation Empress tab but Sugar know some people are lazy so here is the link.

Character List

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The majority of the ladies that came today were for Chun Yu Zhuang and Chun Yu Yan, hence there was no sign of Chun Yu Rong and Chun Yu Ru when Jin Lan looked around.

“Miss Hua try this tea, it is boiled using this morning’s dew. It tastes much richer compared to water that is drawn in wells.” Situ Ke raised the well-designed porcelain cup and gently slid the cover off before lowering her head to take a drink.

Jin Lan placed her lips on the teacup and thought to herself for a moment before placing the cup down. It seemed like there was a heavy load on her mind.

Situ Ke glanced at her and said, “Miss Hua, you should not let slanders and rumours affect you. Rumours will be gone after some time have passed.”

Jin Lan sighed and shook her head before replying with a bitter smile,”Crown Princess, you do not know why am I feeling this way. This is just a one-sided love from my end, there is no need to blame anyone.”

“Where did that come from?” Situ Ke smiled, “It was your name that was mentioned on that very day when the third prince requested for the Imperial Edict.”

Jin Lan’s brow slightly wrinkled, beads of tears start to form in her eyes, “That was but a spur of the moment, his heart is not with me…. If it was not for me, he and sister would not be in such a deadlock.”

Situ Ke’s gaze became cold, secretly this was a hassle for her, however, she still needed to comfort Jin Lan on the surface. “The Imperial Edict has passed, Miss Hua need not worry and focus on being the bride.”

Hurriedly finishing the conversation, Situ Ke came up with an excuse of needing to entertain the other guest and left leaving Jin Lan alone sitting at the pavilion enjoying some tea.

Actually, Jin Lan’s intention was to let Situ Ke inform Yu Rong about Yu Yan being interested in Wan Yu, regardless whether it was from Situ Ke’s intention of break those two apart or mindless complaining. Yu Rong would definitely mull over this information, not knowing it was false and would let his thoughts run wild. No matter whether Wan Yu’s fate to be the empress was true or not, as long as Yu Yan was interested in her, Yu Rong would undoubtedly have doubts in his heart.

There was a famous saying in the power struggle of the royal family. ‘Believe in rumours to be truth and not discredit it completely’

“Young Mistress,” Jiao Yue nervously whispered by Jin Lan’s ear, “Are we going to fight later on?”

Jin Lan drank a mouthful of tea and looked at her strangely, “What nonsense are you sprouting?”

“Didn’t you ask us to pack up before we left?” Jiao Yue continued and her voice was shaking.

Jin Lan asked while keeping a straight face, “Then, what did you bring?”

Jiao Yue took a single stalk of wrapped peony from her sleeves and softly said, “Only this.”


Unable to hold back anymore, Jin Lan laughed, “Did you really think I am here for some sort of beauty contest?”

Jiao Yue quickly shoved the peony to Chu Yun, “Take it, I don’t want it anymore.”

With Chu Yun not holding properly, the peony fell and landed on the stone steps.

“The peony are so beautiful and exquisite even fishes will be too busy admiring to even swim.” Dressed in a purple gown and his hair was bound by a golden crown, the male picked up the peony and passed it to Jin Lan from the bottom of the stairs.




11 thoughts on “CE Chapter 56 – Hatching a Secret Plot

  1. I’m actually a bit confused with the mysteries within all these relationships…
    Her and yu yan, his intentions, the huas bg, why is there hua family bodies inside the secret rooms… Why she isn’t lvling up… So much to unfold! So many chapters but nothing has even happened!


  2. Thanks! & have fun in Bangkok.

    I don’t want to spoil some things but can i ask this? Is this story more on martial arts? Or politics & scheming?
    Also, I’m a bit confused with Yu Yan, is he really not sincere to Jin Lan? & just thought of her as pawn? 😢
    Please correct me if I misunderstood the story. 😓


  3. Thank you for the translation and hope you have fun in Bangkok.

    Suggested place, I think a must to see for first time in Bangkok is Emerald Buddha Temple and Grand Palace in the morning. You can also find many interesting restaurants at Phra Atit Road for lunch and evening. Then go to Khao San Road for evening. All mentioned place are in the same area.

    If you like durian, go to Bangkok Art and Culture Centre to test durian ice cream after visiting galleries and arts there. However, it is almost the end of durian season, I am not sure it will be on the menu when you come to Bangkok.

    Any further question, I am very welcome to provide info. You can contact me via Facebook.


  4. Do you have any novel recommendations for beginners? I’m taking Chinese 3 in my High school. I want to get better to the point where I could read and try translating novels. I really like romance novels. Thanks!


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