CE Chapter 55- Flower Viewing in the Mansion

Chapter 55- Flower Viewing in the Mansion
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by: OverlyFriendly & Silence (Thanks a bunch)

Previously, I talked about the translator who went to Singapore. Me and a bunch of other translators brought her around Singapore. Eating delicious food and did tourist things. I got to know several of the SG Tlers, you guys might even read some of their novels. Went to Night Safari, Alive Museum and we took lots and lots of photos.

Kyaaa! >////< So embarrassing. Enough of me rambling on and on, here is the next chapter.

Note: Crown Empress is changed to Crown Princess. Meaning = Crown Prince’s Wife

The joining of the Crown Prince Chun Yu Rong and Situ Ke was a story that had spread far and wide.Even though Situ Ke refers to the Empress, Situ Mi, as her aunt, she did not have blood relations with Chun Yu Rong. She was the adopted daughter of the Great General, Situ Wei. And on his side, Situ Wei was even more inclined. and even happy to see them together as it consolidated the Situ Family’s status.

As for Chun Yu Rong, he truly loved Situ Ke. To prove his love, he even constructed a flower garden in the Crown Prince’s Mansion just for her. This garden was second only to the Imperial Flower Garden in the Imperial Place. Every Spring, the Crown Princess would invite a few ladies of different families in order to appreciate the flowers, and this time, Jin Lan was part of that list.

The flower garden was filled with a beautiful purple; a brilliant red; and similarly, all the ladies from the different families were too. So when Jin Lan arrived with a black dress, it stood out.

With just a single gaze, Situ Ke saw her immediately, and made her way towards her, pushing other ladies aside. In actuality, this flower-viewing event was just an excuse for the Empress to take a look at her future daughter-in-law. What made this girl so special, causing even the Travelling Prince to take an interest in her?

It wasn’t that Jin Lan didn’t t know there was a hidden meaning to why she was invited.

However, currently, she was more interesting in Yu Yan’s reaction after seeing him appear at the event.

“Does this interest you?” Yu Yan suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He stood behind her as he spoke.

“Of course.” Jin Lan’s mouth curved upwards. She smiled, ignoring the envious gazes from her surroundings. “Previously I’ve heard the Empress had intended Wan Yu to replace me, however I am afraid that she may not want the current Wan Yu. Who knows what kind of edict the imperial family might come up with?…”

“The palace has divination priests. If the right question is asked, the truth would be revealed. So, who are you trying to fool?” Yu Yan lowered his voice, not letting any of the wantering ladies, walking around the garden, hear him. “Coming up with the same scheme as that mother and daughter duo?”

“I am not illiterate.” Jin Lan laughed. “These priests are able to predict rain and disaster, but they don’t know how long one can live for. And I bet that mother of yours is worrying so much that she can’t even sit straight.”

Yu Yan’s hawk-like eyes narrowed. “Even if Wan Yu is able to enter the Crown Prince’s mansion, you will not be able to escape from the Travelling Prince’s people!”

“Don’t worry, I will properly repay you.” Jin Lan raised her hand and touched her neck, referring to the previous incident.

But from afar, Situ Ke could be seen walking towards them. Yu Yan didn’t say anymore, and wanting to leave before she arrived, quietly turned around and left.

“Miss Hua,” Situ Ke began. “Why didn’t you talk more with Third Brother?” Situ Ke had layers of a crimson peony embroidered all over her long, orange dress, giving her the appearance of an evening glow. Though it was not beautiful, but due to its peculiar design, it attracted everyone’s gaze. That, and adding onto her pale white skin which was complemented by the dress, it made the outlook a perfect fit.

Jin Lan’s face carried signs of worry as she replied. “Many thanks Crown Princess, but the prince appears to have many worries on his mind at the moment, and I did not want to trouble him further.”

Situ Ke had seen the situation very clearly, and looking at Yu Yan leaving in such an undignified way, she kept her thoughts hidden. So, with a shallow laugh, Situ Ke began again, “the rumours in town are not reliable. Why don’t you, Miss Hua, accompany me for some tea?”

Jin Lan did not reject the offer and followed Situ Ke to the pavilion off to the side.


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  1. Yaaaaaay thank you!
    It keeps bothering me that they keep forcing Jin Lan to be the traveling Prince’s people. On top of that he’s got concubines already!
    I get so mad for her 😦

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  2. Thank you for the chapter! I started reading the novel this morning and finish tonight! I really love the MC and hope you will continue to work hard for us beggars!


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