CE Chapter 53 – Declaring War

Chapter 53 – Declaring War
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by:Sugar

Yippee! Exams are over. Now I have to go to sleep. Huh? CE? Whats that? Oh, you mean I have to continue to translate? Fine! Fine! No time to sleep I guess…
I-It’s not like I want to translate for you guys or anything…. Hmph!

“Do as you wish”, Xiu Lin turned and left before leaving these four words behind. Jin Lan slowly felt her neck, with a bloodthirsty smile, let me return the favor.

The sky grew dark and Jin Lan left Xiu Lin’s garden. On her way out, there was someone who suddenly grabbed her hand. While turning her body, the light from her dagger shone, pressing it just a hairbreadth away from the unknown person’s neck.

Que Qi quickly let go of his hand and his body became stiff, smiling wryly: “Sister, please forgive me.”

Dispersing her killing intent, Jin Lan flicked her sleeves before continuing her way to the west pavilion. Que Qi chased after her and continued, “I waited specially for you here for a whole day, maybe you could express some gratitude?”

Jin Lan looked at him from the corners of her eye, “I thank your whole family.”

“You are too welcome,” Que Qi trying to hold back his laughter, “Hua Jin Lan, I am very curious as to how did you manage to escape from Grandma’s grasp?”

Jin Lan stopped walking, under the dim light it could be seen that she was smiling and was scheming something, “Hmm, if suddenly there were two taels worth of Hua Diao Wine, it would somehow make me interested in talking.”


Jin Lan returned to the west pavilion to change into a male outfit and grabbed a fan. She used a white ribbon and tied it high behind her head, hanging her hair in a bundle like a straight waterfall. Wearing a snow white outfit and matching it with a jade green shoe. She swept her sleeves making her look 30% graceful and 70% unrestrained. It was that exact appearance that made Que Qi to stare blankly at Jin Lan, who would have known that the Hua’s Family eldest daughter that ruined the reputation of the family could be so elegant when dressing up as a male.

Extending her fan in front of his eyes and eyes, Jin Lan said, “Let us go.”

Jin Lan was looking around in the bustling and crowded market, before suddenly turning, “Hua Que Qi, give me several taels of silver.”

Que Qi was confused however he still gave her some silvers. Jin Lan went to a small shop and broke the silver taels down into copper coins and in a blink of eyes vanish into the crowd.

Que Qi was amazed but at the same time was silently speculating what Jin Lan was plotting. Turning his head, he was frightened by Jin Lan who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Noticing that the copper coins in her hands were all gone, he could not help but be curious, “What did you do?”

“All can be summed up in a single word : Secret.” Jin Lan waved her fan and smiled, “Let us continue, the wines in Lin Long tower awaits us!”

The place of pleasure had always been packed, sleeves fluttering the air and lovable voices echoes the halls. Many men were allured by the dances and songs, not even Jin Lan could resist.

“Sir, you are here.” Su Huan,whose face was hidden behind a thin muslin, welcomed the both of them and led them to the ‘Snow’ room.

The slender white hand poured the warm wine into the cups, Su Huan looked gently at Jin Lan, “Sir, what would you like to listen to?”

Jin Lan pulled her hand and smiled, “ Sit down and join me in a drink.”

Que Qi does not know about the relationship between Jin Lan and Su Huan and was slightly unhappy. He pouted as he repeated the previous topic, “Grandma has never ever let anyone who has damaged the Hua’s family reputation go. On the day before yesterday, you kill members of the Rong Family and even after one whole day, you managed to come out alive.”

Jin Lan coolly looked at him, “What I did was not enough.”

Que Qi narrowed his eyes and smiles, afterward he had heard her spoke again, “Just wait see, the Huas will not rest easy.”

On her beautiful face, emerged a sinister smile…

14 thoughts on “CE Chapter 53 – Declaring War

  1. thank you–!
    hm, que qi, huh—! well, nice! jin lan’s gone out again! yay—! yeah, she looks good dressed as a male!


  2. I just finished reading this. And i have an exam in hours…. I nead moarr. I sacrafised my sleep for this amazing novel. Thanks for the translations.


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