Chapter 47: Prepare for Consequences

Chapter 47: Prepare for Consequences
Translated by Sugar
Editor: Connor

“Miss Hua said she was studying. May I ask what was it about?” Rong Heng Yuan asked, standing in front of Jin Lan.

It was widely known that Jin Lan was ignorant,unable to recognise most words, let alone study.

Jin Lan knew about his scheme, she then proceed to stand up and look him in his eyes with a icy stare. “Oh… It was nothing much, I learnt only one line. That is ‘If others do not offend me, I will not offend them, if others offended me, they will need to prepare for their consequences, be it a beating or death’.”

After saying this, she tilted her head to look at both Rong Pei and Rong Qing, and with a bright smile said, “Is that right? The two kiddos who complained to the adults.”

“You….!” Rong Pei was at her limits but was pulled by Rong Qing, who then secretly made a signal with his eyes to the person at his side.

That person acknowledged it and suddenly charged towards Jin Lan shouting, “ Cease your insults on my Lady!”

Jin Lan’s eyes were still locked on to Rong Heng Yuan, her body slightly moved, barely dodging the incoming blow. At the same time both of her hand closed in and grabbed that person’s head, and after exerting some force and hearing a ‘crack’ sound, the person’s body went limp and landed on the floor. All this happened within a blink of an eye!

“Rong Hui!” Rong Pei shrieked, rushing to the body.

Rong Heng Yuan was stunned. Rong Hui didn’t lose because of his skills, to be accurate his skills would not lose to Jin Lan, however Jin Lan’s movements are simply too fast. Moreover, Jin Lan was cruel and vicious, Rong Hui was not prepared for it and did not expect to be killed.

“You crazy person!” Rong Pei raised her head and yelled at Jin Lan.

The Hua Family could no longer sit still, they rushed to call someone to bring the doctor, but all of them knew, this person was already dead.

“There is no need!” Rong Heng Yuan slowly took in a mouth of air and continued, “Rong Hui initiated the fight, as they say fists are blind, life and death are all in the hands of heaven. Hence, in this case, I will not blame it on the Hua Family for this incident.”

Bai Xiang appeared to be relieved and said, “Brother Rong is indeed magnanimous, making me very ashamed of myself.”

“However,” Rong Heng Yuan turned to Jin Lan, “at such a young age yet so vile, Brother Hua truly needs to be careful and vigilant.”

“Many thanks Brother Rong, I do not have the ability to educate my daughter, truly I am ashamed.” Bai Xiang cupped his hand and replied.

“Hua Jin Lan, you better pray during the Martial Arts Meet you do not face me, or else I will definitely kill you!” Rong Pei scolded as she left.

Jin Lan raised her eyebrows, accepting this challenge.

After leaving Hua Household, Rong Qing chased after Rong Heng Yuan who scurried, suppressing his voice, “Father. How could we just let this go?”

How could Rong Heng Yuan not be angry? He wished that he could wring that Hua Jin Lan’s neck off, however, “Before the meet, try not to cause any problems.As far as Hua Jin Lan’s worth goes, all will be known during the meet. The Rong Family will not always be under the Huas.”

9 thoughts on “Chapter 47: Prepare for Consequences

  1. Wow. What a kill. She already warned them but they ignored her. Hope JL will be able to up her skills before the Martial Arts Meet.


  2. thanks a lot!
    woa, she just immediately killed him? hmoh, making trouble for a former assassin is really silly!
    go jin lan, show off your strength at the meet!


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