CE Chapter 45 – Contest in the Pavilion

Chapter 45 – Contest in the Pavilion

Translated by Sugar
Editor: Immortul, Connor

Thank You Immortul for being my Editor for this novel so far… Thanks for being part of this Team, spending some of your spare time to help me. Even though you are no longer editing, I really hope that you can still be able to read and enjoy the novel. See You, my Friend.


“Your son pays his respects to Mother.” Yu Yan, who was dressed in a deep red, bowed before the Empress, Si Tu Min.

Si Tu Min was already forty, however due to her careful maintenance, she did not look her age.. The Yue Empire had a total of five princes and princesses. The crown prince Chun Yu Rong, as well as the third prince Chun Yu Yan and princess Chun Yu Ru, were her children. The second prince Chun Yu Zhuang and the fourth prince Chun Yu Shang were the children of the concubine Xiang Yi.

“My child, please take a seat.” Si Tu Min instructed the elderly attendant who was beside her to brew a pot of tea and said, “What is the occasion today? Making time to accompany me.”

Yu Yan smiled and said, “If I still do not come, there might be someone who would spread rumours that might taint your ears?

The attendant’s hand shook while pouring tea, spilling several drops on the table.

“Su Nanny, you may step down.” Si Tu Min smiled gracefully, then looked at Yu Yan and said “Out of all the children, you are the best at cracking jokes.”  

Yu Yan’s eyes narrowed and focused at Si Tu Min, “ As the saying goes a repeated rumour will become a fact, however Mother has never given thought to rumors before. Why is this time different?”

Si Tu Min had known from his arrival that the issue of her persuading the emperor to alter the imperial edict had been spread. She took a sip of her sea and smiled, “My child, must you marry the girl from the Hua Family?”

“I only want Hua Jin Lan, if not I will not marry.” Yu Yan’s expression became relaxed and calm but Si Tu Min knew that he was extremely serious.


She let out a sigh and said, “In my opinion, the third daughter from the Hua Family is not bad, how about….”

“Mother.” Yu Yan called her and slightly shook his head.

Si Tu Min’s lips curled and kept silent. Yu Yan did not easily open his mouth to make a request; it seemed this girl from Hua family deserved to be paid a visit.

Yu Yan exited from Kun Ning Palace and was stopped by Yu Rong, who was playing against Yu Zhuang a game of chess in the Yi Yue Pavilion.

“A fruitless discussion?” Yu Rong asked, as he filled a cup of tea and pushed it in front of him.

Yu Yan touched the tip of his nose and laughed, “Does it seem like it?

Yu Zhuang paused for a moment before replying, “It seems like it to me, Mother does not usually like to nitpick, but the person you choose…. Fumu, is too unusual.”

“To be honest, Third Brother, which part of Hua Jin Lan did you take fancy?” Yu Rong teasingly said, “Her love affairs does not lose to you.” Yu Rong was sure that Yu Yan was not really in love with Jin Lan, therefore when he spoke it was very direct and without any sugar coating. He did not notice the displease in the Yu Yan’s eyes.

“Big Brother,” Yu Zhuang changed the topic, “It is your fault for not paying attention, don’t regret it, this game will be mine.”

“Aiya!” Yu Rong slapped his heart and smiled wryly. “It was Third Brother’s fault, distracting me. That won’t do. Let me retract my move!”

“That is not allowed!” Yu Zhuang hurriedly said, “After playing against you for so many times, this is finally the first time I will win against you.”

“You have to train a lot more,” Yu Yan light heartedly joked, “Big Brother’s skill in chess has already surpassed Father.”

“I still remember during Third Brother’s coronation that year, he played against Father, to this day it was still a massacre. Since then, four years has passed, did Third Brother’s skills in chess improve?” Yu Rong’ eyes darkened slightly, the light from the depth of his eyes disappeared as his eyelid drooped.

“Four years has passed, but I had neglected my studies. How about some other day I will learn from Big Brother by playing against you?” Yu Yan calmly said.

Yu Zhuang’s eyes focused on the chessboard, a faint smiling expression flashed across his face.

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  1. thanks—-!
    interesting, so we meet the crown prince! now all that’s left is the last prince, yu shang! hm—! well, great that yu yan insists on marrying jin lan….though jin lan wouldn’t agree, lol! lol yu yan’s displesaure when yu rong was too direct.


  2. Reading all these reincarnation series following the same subjects makes me confused sometimes about which series I’m reading.


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