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CE Chapter 33 – Humiliation

Chapter 33 – Humiliation

Translated by: Sugar
Editor:Immortul, Kloud Goat
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CE Chapter 32 – Playing Tricks

Chapter 32 – Playing Tricks

Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Immortul, Kloud Goat

Milestone #5

This is for 50 follows! Since I have a new team, I am able to release chapters a lot faster. To all my Chinese friends, I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. 恭喜发财,新想事成, 万事如意, 猴年大吉! Hehe, I hope you guys can share some of your 红包 money. Hehe! Just kidding. Enjoy the chapter!

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CE Chapter 30 – Murderous Intent

Chapter 30 – Murderous Intent
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Kloud Goat, Nazmul

Milestone #4

This is for 40,000 Views! Well we have been a quite a distance in the novel. Currently we have 4 Editors. We have zxrdm, Kloud Goat, Nazmul (Immortul) and Connor. Then, this is me, Sugar as the Translator! That is the current team for now.

Enjoy the Chapter!

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