CE Chapter 43 – Lady From Rong Family

Chapter 43 – Lady From Rong Family

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Bear-Nii

“Aiyo!” Just when Yu Zhuang just finished speaking, a sound can be heard from the floor below. A shabby clothed old man was pulling on a woman’s sleeves and loudly crying out, “ Are there still morals in this world? Ganging up on an old man like myself!”

It was clear that the old man was pressuring the woman, making her panic. She have been trying to break away from him but in the end the old man continued to hold on to her. In her panic, she fiercely pushed the old man away. The old man staggered for a couple of steps to regain his balance, his eyes were filled with anger, right away he threw himself toward the woman. At this moment, a man suddenly appeared and struck the old man by his shoulder.

His whole body flew out towards the second floor.

Yu Yan carried Jin Lan and did a somersault in the air before elegantly landing on the seat right beside them. Not even the wood shaving from the broken railing managed to land on their body.

Yue Zhuang quickly checked on the old man’s condition and supported him up, Jin Lan rushed forward and stood in front of the old man.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Jin Lan,then his bawling became louder. Jin Lan smiled and kicked him down the stairs, disregarding him. “You should seek the one who hit you, there is no point in bawling toward me.”

Yue Zhuang’s eyes opened wide, never did she expect that Jin Lan would kick someone down the stairs.

“Old fellow!” Yue Zhuang stared at Jin Lan before rushing down.

Jin Lan curled her lips, it seems that this lady is a lot more kind-hearted as compared to her sister, when she threw Jin Lan down the ocean, she did it without hesitation.

Yu Yan despite his interest in the event, carried his black cat and said. “Lan Er, let us meet up another day.”

After which, he left the restaurant, Yu Zhuang followed after. Just when Yu Ru was passing by Jin Lan, Yu Ru mocked Jin Lan, “Hua Jin Lan, it seems that you are no saint as well.”

“No,” Jin Lan shook her finger, and winked at Yu Ru, “I am a good person.”

In a blink of an eye, Jin Lan had jumped down and kicked a stool before the man. With a foot on it, she gave a nasty look. “Lad, what is with you hitting others!”

“I merely lightly…” The male wanted to explain himself but saw Jin Lan’s expression and suddenly realised. “It seems that you and that old man are partners, aren’t you?!”

Yue Zhuang helped the old fellow to move and scolded. “To injure an old man to this degree, to think that you are a martial artist, what a disgrace!”

Yue Fu followed behind, she smiled at the male, “My younger sister was rude to you. I have to ask Young Master Rong not to take it to heart.”

“Look who this is. It turns out to be Sister Yue Fu.” The woman from earlier is Rong’s Family First Young Miss, Rong Pei. “The last I recall, your husband died the year before last, aren’t you supposed to be grieving? Ah, forgive my poor memory, you were married again earlier this year, is your new husband treating you well?”

Yue Fu’s complexion became ugly, Yue Zhuang unable to restrain her anger stood before Rong Pei and reprimanded. “Don’t you dare insult my sister!”


8 thoughts on “CE Chapter 43 – Lady From Rong Family

  1. Ha ha. We are now all super confused. Wondering what’s the author trying to do? Introducing so many new characters. I can’t keep up anymore.


    1. indeed!
      that is why i am writing all the characters in a piece of paper…
      anyway, the story is really nice…
      keep up the good work…


  2. I will need to remember all this new characters….It will be hard, but I can do this, I know I can. It’s just going to take time ! XD
    Btw, thanks for the chapter =)


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