CE Chapter 42 – Ups and Downs

Chapter 42 – Ups and Downs

Translated by Sugar

Editor : Immortul

In Xiang Ru Restaurant.

Jin Lan carried a pot of Tian Guan Yin and leaned on the second floor railing to watch Bo Li trying hundreds of methods to curry favor with Yu Yan’s black cat. On one hand she was secretly scolding Bo Li for a lack of backbone, on the other hand silently cursing for all these unwanted guest.

All she wanted was to tease Yue Zhuang, but Yue Fu had a faintly discernible smiling expression and followed. Just Yue Fu was forgivable, it turns out Yu Zhuang and Yu Yan shamelessly followed along, but what was most surprising, even Yu Ru was sitting still opposite of her.

A table full of eyes staring at one another, Jin Lan clearly was willing to go down to the first floor to hear some storytelling.

“Lan Er, are you still angry with this king?” Yu Yan slowly leaned toward Jin Lan, his eyes was filled with gentleness and tenderness. “This king has already punished Zhui Feng.”

Jin Lan drank a mouth of tea while trying to move away from Yu Yan, toward the pillar and coldly said, “Are you sure he is the one who needs to be punished?”

Yu Yan’s peach flower eyes were smiling as though they were being covered by honey, “Does Lan Er wish to punish this king?”

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun both swallowed their saliva and took two steps back, sure enough there were some words in this world that should not be heard, even if they did not die from words heard they might die out of disgust.

Jin Lan definitely felt like taking a whip out and start whipping Yu Yan, additionally bring along two candles.

Casually, Jin Lan used her slim and slender hand to hold up his chin, she squinted her eyes and matched his line of sight, her pupils held a cold desire deep within, “Yu Yan, you mentioned before an imperial edict to withdraw the marriage. Why isn’t it here yet?”

Yu Yan’s body slightly leaned back, his long arm reached for Jin Lan’s waist, using a little bit of force and pulled her closer to him, the distance between both of them became minimal.

Red sleeves over the pure white clothes, both of them had appearance that was outstanding and in this position even though it carried a little obscenity, it would definitely be pleasing to one’s eyes.

Jin Lan’s hand had never left Yu Yan’s chin, it was only when she tried to use a little strength, she found out that she was no longer able to move. In order to suppress her surprise, she changed the position of her hand and pressed against his chest.

Yu Yan laughed for a while before teasingly looking at her, “Lan Er, aren’t you throwing yourself to me?”

Jin Lan’s expression remained unchanged, “I will on top, you will be at the bottom.”

Yu Yan’s phoenix like eyes held back and were fixed on her. He knew that this woman will not be easy to conquer, but like hunting, it was also a game for the strong.

“After the Martial Arts Meet, be prepared to ride on this king’s marriage sedan!”

Jin Lan lowered her head and draw close to him, just when both their lips were going to meet, Jin Lan moved toward his ear and whispered. “Only if you are not afraid of not having any offsprings and descendants.”

“Ha Ha Ha…..!” Yu Yan laughed heartily, his laughter was soothing and sweet sounding, just like the trickling and babbling of water.

“Cough! Cough!” Yu Zhuang could not longer watch interrupted them and pointed to the ladies whose face were flushed. “We are in public, please have some decency!”


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