CE Chapter 41 – Natural Enemies Meet

Chapter 41 – Natural Enemies Meet

Translated by : Sugar
Editor: Bear-Nii, Immortul

Hi Hi, it has been a while since I wrote one of these things. I have been pretty busy these few days…. Sigh, daily chapters are harder than I had expected. Don’t worry I will still keep on trying to post daily. Anyways, I would like to use this as an opportunity to welcome my newest editor, Bear-Nii. Everyone, Please welcome him. ^ ^
This brings my Team to 6 people. 1 TLer (Me) and 5 Editors.

Enjoy the chapter!

“The country of Tian Shui specializes in beast taming, everyone in the country treats that skill as an honour, rumours says that those who are capable can control lions, tigers and other ferocious beast. The talented are able to ride on ancient mythological beast, it is just that these said beast are difficult to find. The Tailless spirit beast is the mythological beast most basic form, when this beast grows up, who knows what form it will take.” Yue Fu stopped before looking at Jin Lan, eyes filled with admiration. “It seems like Master Hua is a fated person.”

“Oh?” Many thoughts raced through Jin Lan’s mind. “It seems there are not many beast-tamers in Yue Empire.”

Yue Fu smiled and shook her head. “The art of taming beast is the country of Tian Shui’s secret art where the beast communicates with humanity. As a result, it was a skill that was rarely found in the other four countries.

In this case, the personality of the human played a part as well, Jin Lan happily raised the corner of her mouth, even looking at Bo Li is pleasing to her eyes.

Both of them were engaged in their own conversation, that the currently ignored Yu Ru could no longer let this go. She slammed the table hard and shouted, “Hua Jin Lan! How dare you ignore this Princess here! Do you still have me in your eyes?

“You unruly person!” Yu Ru whipped out her horse whip from her waist, settling new and old scores. She whirled her whip and threshed toward Jin Lan. “How dare you to cause problems for my Third Brother. You not knowing any shame, I can let it go however to actually go so far to sully my Third Brother’s name. Unforgivable!”

Jin Lan swept her sleeves and left the store. She wagged her finger and said, “Harming others without benefitting myself? This young master here excels at that. After all, how did you know it was I who sullied Yu Yan’s name? You may not know, he might actually enjoy his newly found fame.”

Yu Ru followed and pointed at Jin Lan’s nose, “Do not slander my Brother’s good name!”

Jin Lan raised her eyebrow and used her chin to point behind Yu Ru, “If you do not believe me, you can ask him yourself.”

Sure enough, Yu Ru turned her head, what awaits her is a bunch of people whose faces are filled with excitement, it was only then that she knew she had fallen for Jin Lan’s trap. However, before she could react at all, her neck felt an icy object. Spitefully, she said “Hua Jin Lan! You scammer!”

Jin Lan chuckled, “The process needs not be intense, most important is the result. Didn’t your mother teach you?”

“Ji— Ji—” Bo Li scuttled out from the corner, dashed towards the crowd. Just nice, the crowd had just parted a way for a dark red clothed Yu Yan, who was carrying his black cat, and entered Jin Lan’s vision. By his side, there was Yu Zhuang carrying a huge fan, fanning himself on a cold day while acting cool.

Jin Lan saw Bo Li, it turned out Bo Li was aiming for the black cat. The black cat apparently took interest of Bo Li as well, jumped down to the ground and circled Bo Li while smelling it. After that, just like his owner, arrogantly raised its head.


10 thoughts on “CE Chapter 41 – Natural Enemies Meet

  1. Thanks for taking time to update. Appreciate it. Welcome Bear -Nii. Wow. BL is brave to take on the cat. Looks like BL takes after JL. Good at stirring trouble.


  2. thanks a lot!
    oh—! that’s interesting! awesome, it’s great that it’s a su—-per rare skill! bo li’s really cute! huh, yu yan appeared…


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