CE Chapter 39 – Fighting for Dagger

Chapter 39 – Fighting for Dagger

Translated by Sugar
Editor: Connor, Immortul

Inside Glory City’s finest weapon shop.

“Sir, what can I offer you?” The shopkeeper felt that the gentlemen who entered the shop was someone who was different from the common folk and ran up to greet him.

“Short blade,” said Jin Lan, without even looking at the weapons on the shelves, her fingers tapping on the counter. The shopkeeper understood intuitively and instructed his worker to go fetch the weapon from inside.

With just one glance, Jin Lan spotted a black charred copper dagger, but just when she was about to reached out and grab it, a voice from behind called out. “That dagger over there, this lady here wants it!”

Jin Lan turned back. Hey! It was a familiar face…. Truly, only Jin Lan is able to meet up with her foes in such a situation. This time it was Chun Yu Ru.

Yu Ru was unable to recognize Jin Lan, as she was wearing her male clothes out again. With her heart set on acquiring the dagger, she walked up and picked up the dagger. “Indeed this is a precious thing, Shopkeeper! I will take this item.”

Jin Lan interjected coldly, “I saw the dagger first.”

Yu Ru turned to look at Jin Lan and swallowed back the words she was about to reflexively blurt out. Her eyes became sweet and tactful. With a gentle smile aimed toward Jin Lan, she asked “This gentlemen, are you able to split apart your love for the item?”

Jin Lan saw her gaze and pondered whether this girl here was trying to seduce her. Jin Lan touched her face before turning back to Jiao Yue and Chu Yun who are both snickering behind. “She really cannot recognize me?”

Both of them nodded together.

Jin Lan was speechless. She had heard rumors that the people from the past were of low intelligence but she did not expect for it to be true.

“Squeak! Squeak!” Suddenly, Bo Li appeared, made a cry and dashed toward Yu Ru from Jin Lan’s legs.

Yu Ru, startled by Bo Li, took a couple steps back and covered her mouth before shrieking. “Kyaa…. There is a rat here!!!”

The action of moving back had really cost her. Yu Ru, unable to stop herself, accidentally stepped on her boy servant. The servant then reflexively pushed Yu Ru away, and before Yu Ru could react to the situation, she had already crashed into Jin Lan’s chest.

Even though the physical damage to Jin Lan hurt, the mental damage was even worse. All of the sudden, several tens Catty (1 Jin/Catty = 0.6kg) of meat suddenly hit her chest. This would definitely deal some damage to her breast making it flatter…

Jin Lan opened her mouth and said “Breast…” but before she could finish saying ‘flattened’ Yu Ru covered her own chest and blushed. “You! You shameless person! How dare you touch my …..”

Everyone understood what was left unsaid.

The boy servant had realized his mistake and quickly tried to shift the attention to Jin Lan. “You scum! My master is of the upper class, you should not even lay your eyes on her, much less touch her.”

Jin Lan twitched her eyebrows and laughed. “Your breast? You call that thing which a hammer could not help to make flatter a breast? Relax! Nobody was referring to your failed body proportions, I was referring to my own chest.”

11 thoughts on “CE Chapter 39 – Fighting for Dagger

  1. thanks!
    lol, so hilarious! eh, yu ru really couldn’t recognise her? ahaha! bo li…whta are you…-raises an eyebrow- well, jin lan sure is sharp with her words, haha!


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