Ce Chapter 38- Widespread Rumor

Chapter 38 – Widespread Rumor
Translated by: Sugar

I am not dead….. *Gasp* I can’t die…. yet. GAH! Real life….. too… much! Can’t go on… *faints*

Within one night, rumors starts to spring everywhere in Glory City. Some of the citizens said Jin Lan really lived up to her reputation of being First-Class under the heavens, distinguished and peerless. Being able to toy with males in Glory City and treating them as though they were within her palm. Those who spread these rumors about Jin Lan were interested in watching a good show, in the end what could be more interesting as compared to rumors regarding the royal family.

Despite some people saying positive things about Jin Lan, the same can be said otherwise. Some of them said that Jin Lan was not honest and does not have any sense of shame at all. Being a wife of a prince and yet so indecisive, visiting to indecent places like Ti Tou Pavilion, even if she was to be sentenced to be drowned, not even the water is able to wash her sins away. Those who spread these rumors mainly have some sort of wishful thinking of the Prince and were jealous and envied Jin Lan.

From inside the restaurants and under the bridges, storytellers continue for three days three nights non-stop; within brothels, behind closed doors, artists continue for ten days and ten nights non-stop! It was such widespread to the extent that from errand boys to beggars on the streets can accurately retell and recite it word for word. Of course, a large part of it is due to the effects of the juicy details, don’t blame it on ordinary people thinking indecently. It only served to meet the needs and wants for them. Truly, the human minds are very curious.

With regards to this matter, the heroine, Hua Jin Lan was very calm. She felt that her notoriety was little concern to her, it was in fact Yu Yan who should panic. It was because she held reputation with little regard but the same could not be said for Yu Yan, being part of the Royal Family.

Rumors from the commonfolk must not be spread to the Royal Palace but for the Hua Household, they had heard plentiful rumors about Jin Lan that they became numb of them. Bai Xiang had repeated requested Jin Lan to have an audience with the emperor to explain the situation but was rejected. He finally had no choice but to prohibit her from leaving the mansion. Jin Lan was pleased with such a result.

On the day of the Martial Arts Meet begins

“Young Mistress, Sister Su Huan had just sent people over.” Jiao Yue came back from receiving a small porcelain bottle. “She said it was from some expert.”

Jin Lan looked at the bottle intently, it was the same as the one given to her by the Old Fellow.

“Young Mistress, is this medicine for your injuries?” Chu Yun asked.

Jin Lan nodded her head. After a while, she said “Jiao Yue! Time to change. We are going out.”

“Going out?!” Jiao Yue was bewildered “Didn’t Master punished us and did not allow us to leave the mansion?”

“Who cares about him! He should worry about me.” Jin Lan waved her hands and Bo Li nimbly climbed on her shoulders

Chu Yun and Jiao Yue looked at each other, in their hearts other than feeling helpless from unable to stop Jin Lan from doing anything but they are getting used to it. After all compared to the Past Jin Lan, adapting and suiting the needs of the strong Jin Lan was much easier.

Jin Lan only had one motive heading out, she needed a weapon. She was used to wielding a dagger, however in a time where treasured single-edge and double-edge swords are used commonly, a simple dagger wasn’t sufficient. She needed something of a higher quality and  top notch weapon.

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