CE Chapter 37 – First Class Pervert

Chapter 37 – First Class Pervert

Translated by Sugar
Editor: Kloud Goat, Immortul

(This chapter may confused many of you, as it has to do with the writing of the words in Chinese. 天下第一流 can be seen as 第一下流)

Effortlessly, the housekeeper brought out the table. Yu Yan stood before it and started swishing on it. Words were slowly forming, after finishing he looked up at Jin Lan. “It is done, I added another word for you, First-Class under the heavens!” (天下第一流 )

Zhu Yu, who looked from the side nearly couldn’t hold back his laughter, as the situation was not right, he had to endure it. Under the orders of Yu Yan, he presented the scroll to Jin Lan.

Even Jiao Yue and Chu Yun, who only know very little about words and writing, realised something was up and had a fearful expression while keeping their eyes locked on Jin Lan. Some members of the crowd, unable to hold back, started laughing. Jin Lan on the other hand was unperturbed, after Jiao Yue accepted the scroll she turned and left.

Onlookers were shocked and were filled with disbelief, how could Jin Lan not see through such obvious mockery? There must be something more. Jin Lan must have had a plan she would use!

Just as expected, Jin Lan frivolously dropped a line, “Lets go. We shall hang it at the main halls of Ti Tou Pavilion.”

The crowd caused a huge commotion, some ridiculed that this Hua’s Family Young Mistress was not knowledgable, she was not able to decipher such an easy insult.  Others said that this Hua’s Family Young Mistress was a hussy, even though she was betrothed to the Travelling Prince, she still regularly visits places like Ti Tou Pavilion and other dubious locations.

Many of the crowd followed blindly after Jin Lan and waited to see the scroll hanging at the Main Hall. Those who knew about the events earlier were waiting to see how the words that the Prince wrote would cause some trouble for Jin Lan. A shabby clothed literate slapped his leg and shouted, “Where does it say First-Class under the heavens?! Obviously it say First Class Pervert!” (第一下流)

The whole hall was roaring with laughter, some even slammed the table and cheered, all pointing at Jin Lan and laughed non-stop.

Jin Lan had no choice but to agree that Yu Yan was truly devious, using a wild writing style, his strokes and lines, made the characters as though they were like double picture illusions. He was playing with the optical illusion.

“Hmm, may I borrow a pen and some ink?” Jin Lan turned around and took it from the storyteller, who wrote and told gossip news for a living. With one leg on the table, she raised her hand and wrote new words on the scroll.

When she came back down, the scroll words had changed : First-Class under the heavens, Distinguished and peerless. (天下第一风流)

“I guess this was what the Prince was meaning to say!” Jin Lan faced the crowd and smiled.

“Good!” The crowd cheered.

“Excellent words!” It was the same rugged literate who shouted the loudest.

After this night, the name ‘Hua Jin Lan’ was spread to every household, with extra information added and removed, the story became more and more exaggerated. This was more or less how the story goes: A lady surnamed Hua, shameless and vulgar. Firstly, she proposed to a male surnamed Chun Yu, but then she flirted with a man surnamed Wen. She was one who easily switched sides and was said to be First-Class under the heavens, Distinguished and peerless. However, the man named Chun Yu is ever-loving and trapping her with marriage, yet the man named Wen does not give up easily. These two gentlemen fought with each other, all for a lady’s hand.


(TL Note: The Prince Surname is Chun Yu and the Gigolo in Ti Tou Pavilion Surname is Wen. This is a chapter that loses some of its original meaning due to translation. I apologise m(T.T)m )


10 thoughts on “CE Chapter 37 – First Class Pervert

  1. thanks a lot!
    lost in translation? that happens, it’s ok! -gives ice-cream cakes-
    ahaha! smart! chun yu’s devious, but jin lan even more so! i’m most amazed by jin lan’s ability to stay calm regardless! wah—-!


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