CE Chapter 35 – Misfortune Dropping In

Chapter 35 – Misfortune Dropping In

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Kloud Goat, Immortul

The dim light of the night was slowly arriving, Glory City was brightly lit. On the road, there was an interesting scene happening which attracted people. Someone, who was tentatively being decided as a male, covered himself with a black cloth. Using an extremely creative and interesting posture to quickly move forward. His back carried a large bamboo pole swaying side to side, at the end there was a sign with big word : I am a burglar who tried to rob the Prince’s mansion. Please see this wrongdoer!

The keen and alert Zhui Feng wan unable to ignore the crowd’s curious pointing and gesturing. All his life this was the second time he had bitterly detested the word ‘curiosity’. The first time only happened fifteen minutes ago.

Jin Lan was in a joyous mood, humming a small tune while pulling him, neither too fast or too slow, towards the Travelling Prince’s Mansion.

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun were following behind Zhui Feng, Jiao Yue was shocked that Zhui Feng was able to proceed at a quick rate despite having his knees tied up. After staring a while, she chuckled and stifled with a red face. “It was like how Young Mistress had said, he is walking as though he is trying to hold it in….”

Jin Lan turned back and patted Zhui Feng on his back, “In the past Duan Yu invented ‘Ripple Gentle Steps’, now we have Zhui Feng who invented ‘Pee Step’ to move like the wind. It shall be known as ‘Pee Stance’.”

Zhui Feng wished that he could use his palm and knock himself out, what evil deeds did he do in his past life to be reduced to such treatment by Jin Lan.

(TL Note: Apparently, it was their way of doing a facepalm)

Jin Lan saw him stop and tugged the rope. “Mr Pee Stance, do you want me to remove the cloth?”

Zhui Feng quivered and started to walk as fast as his legs could go.

At the doors of the Travelling Prince’s mansion, Zhu Yu who went back to report was raising his head and looking around in expectation. That was because Yu Yan had said that Jin Lan would bring Zhui Feng right to the doorsteps within an hour. Indeed, Zhui Feng had returned, however he did not expect him to return in such a manner. What surprised him further was that Zhui Feng had attracted a large crowd behind him.

Zhu Yu was unable to spend any time to worry about Zhui Feng as he quickly shut the door and went in to find the owner.

Jin Lan kicked Zhui Feng and smiled with ill-intent, “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”

There was silence, neither party moved. There wasn’t any movement outside the door, the crowds eyes were shining with expectation, they carried their lanterns and were prepared to watch a good show.


The vermillion door finally reopened, Yu Yan who was wearing red stepped out and swept his surrounding. The crowds which were whispering amongst themselves suddenly quietened down.

Jin Lan tilted her head and looked at the concubines  who followed behind, beaming “Oh! Preparing for a funeral? How lively!”

The bunch of concubines’ eyes were red.

The prince’s mansion was not covered in white, nor was Yu Yan, even the concubines were gorgeously dressed. If it were not for the servant wrapped in white, it would be under an impression the the Prince was having a feast.
“Hua Jin Lan! Do not be rude!”

7 thoughts on “CE Chapter 35 – Misfortune Dropping In

  1. thanks a lot!
    lol, their facepalm is intense! it’s more like knocking themselves out so they don’t have to be conscious to face their humiliation, though, to me…ahahaha! hm…yu yan seems to know jin lan pretty well, rofl! poor zhui feng…-shakes head- well, curiousity, curiousity…
    also, who was it?! who dared to yell at jin lan?! And you dare do so in yu yan’s presence? you’re courting a beating(death)!


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