CE Chapter 30 – Murderous Intent

Chapter 30 – Murderous Intent
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Kloud Goat, Nazmul

Milestone #4

This is for 40,000 Views! Well we have been a quite a distance in the novel. Currently we have 4 Editors. We have zxrdm, Kloud Goat, Nazmul (Immortul) and Connor. Then, this is me, Sugar as the Translator! That is the current team for now.

Enjoy the Chapter!

“Damned servant! Let us see you run now!” Wan Yu hoisted the whip, reprimanding Jiao Yue while having a sense of bliss on her face .


“Ah!! Please… Young Miss forgive me!” Jiao Yue was on the floor  writhing in pain.


Wan Yu had been holding back her anger and resentment in her heart for quite some time, increasing the power in every hit. Suddenly! She felt an oppressive murderous aura attacking her, she unintentionally took a step back. She was shocked to find a dagger pressing on her neck, the ice-cold steel is touch her increasing her fear. Her fear This further increased because the one holding on to the dagger, had blood-thirsty eye which started to make her shiver.


A soft slicing sound… and a bunch of black fell on to the ground.


Wan Yu did not dare to turn around and look at her fallen hair, she also did not think how Jin Lan suddenly appeared beside her. There was only one thing on her mind : Hua Jin Lan is able to kill her.


If she hadnot taken the step back,it would not be her hair but her neck that would have been sliced.


Wan Yu broke into cold sweat as a chilling wind blew, she did not dare to move. Both her eyes were wide opened staring straight at Jin Lan. She could feel that if she were to expose any mistake, the next strike would be like before, aimed directly for her neck.


Chu Yun cried while supporting the injured Jiao Yue and moved behind Jin Lan. Jin Lan looked at Wan Yu and slowly moved her wrist. The sunlight was reflecting off the knife blade making Wan Yu panick.


Jin Lan slowly took her steps,lifting her legs and planting it on the ground, walking towards Wan Yu.


It could been seen that Wan Yu was trembling slightly, the more she was trying to clench her whip, the less it is possible to do so. It was as though her body did not listen to her.  No… It is impossible… it is impossible to win against the Jin Lan before her.


Move! Move! She kept urging herself.


“N…No… Don’t come any closer!” she said weakly, her mouth was barely open.


Jin Lan’s face remained expressionless, her eyes, however, were clouded , “If you cannot remember, I am capable of sending you to hell.

The overwhelming oppression was crushing down on Wan Yu, she kept moving back until she was unable to retreat anymore. She tripped on the flower terrance, stumbled and landed on the ground.


It was as though she could see a dagger-wielding Asura in front of her, Wan Yu became pale and her lips turned white. With a sharp scream, “AH!!!!!!!”


“What are you doing?!” asked Hua Fei Sheng which movement faster than sound he had caught Jin Lan’s wrist.


“Wah…..!! Big Brother….!” Wan Yu, whose legs became soft, crawled beside Fei Sheng and started bawling.


Fei Sheng wringed his eyebrow when he saw the hair on the floor and checked on the uninjured Wan Yu before turning to Jin Lan. Understanding what had happened, without mercy pushed away Wan Yu and warned Jin Lan, whose killing intent has yet to vanish.


“Hua Jin Lan, I will not show you any mercy!”

15 thoughts on “CE Chapter 30 – Murderous Intent

  1. thanks a lot!
    great, jin lan stopped her! but jiao yu was hurt! -flips tables and grabs pitchfork- make wan yu suffer—! how dare she hurt someone loyal to jin lan!? -raises pitchfork- and that fei sheng, so stupid and biased! hmph! make him suffer too!


  2. when will it be her turn to fuck people up or even kill them?
    she only suffered and didnt do shit so far
    the author is giving everyone except the mc plotarmor
    so far it has been a bad story
    good translation but bad story
    there is nothing really going on
    one randomness after another
    character after character appearing
    and mc only suffers
    another fail on the badass female assassinequeen reincarnation genre
    only talk with no back up
    cocaine is one hell of a drugg


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