CE Chapter 29- Star of Misfortune

Chapter 29- Star of Misfortune
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Kloud Goat, Nazmul


The next day, Jin Lan noticed the tailless mouse sheltering beside her pillow sound asleep. Her heart became soft, it was her first time having a pet, the white and plump thing… How cute. Why must it be a mouse and also a mouse without its tail, making matters worse, Yu Yan has a cat!

Just when Jin Lan was lost in her thoughts, Jiao Yue gasping for air rushed into the room, bursting through the door. Just when she was about to say something, she noticed the mouse and shrieked at the top of her lungs. “THERE IS A MOUSE HERE!!!!!!”

“Hush!” Jin Lan frowned. “This is my pet…… Bo Li! (Glass)”

Jiao Yue calmed down after Jin Lan gave her a look and remembered what she was going to say earlier.

“Bad news, Young Mistress! This morning when madam went to Qing Quan Temple, the Grand Abbot said that you were born under the star of misfortune, anyone you are with will suffer. News just came in from the Travelling Prince’s mansion, last night one of the concubine had died from a serious illness.”

All the noise woke Bo Li up, it dwelled deeper into the blanket and hid in Jin Lan’s bosom, peeking its head and looked at Jiao Yue.

Yawning, Jin Lan opened her eyes and asked. “What’s with all the rush? Have you heard anything from Su Huan?”

“Not yet!” Jiao Yue noticed Jin Lan wanting to get up, she quickly tied the canopy and helped her wear her shoes. At first, Jiao Yue also had the intention to help Jin Lan change her clothes as well, however the mouse was resting on Jin Lan’s shoulder therefore Jiao Yue meekly just handed over the clothes.

Jin Lan slapped Bo Li onto the ground and with an annoyed tone said. “Stay on the ground! You have sat on my shoulder for a long time that it made me tired.”

[ED: Damn she’s rough!Also that transition from bosom to shoulders hahaha.]

Bo Li spun itself in the air and landed safely. It licked its claws and shook its round bottom before running towards the dining table.

Once everything was tidy, Chu Yun brought in a tub of water for Jin Lan to wash her face. Then he, along with Jiao Yue, went out to collect breakfast for Jin Lan.  

Jin Lan tied her hair, sitting before the table and started drumming on the dining table using her forefinger.

Luo Xiang and Wan Yu, mother and daughter, had already thought of something before hand, but they did not expect the Travelling Prince’s mansion to suffer a death. However, a mere coincidental death will not be sufficient to break off the marriage.

After sitting for a while, Jin Lan noticed Jiao Yue had yet to return, she stood up from the table and left the room. Jin Lan asked a servant who was watering the plant, “Go and find Jiao Yue and Chu Yun!”

The servant answered and quickly ran off, moments later she came back flustered. Unable to catch her breathe, she said. “Young …. Mistress… *pant* It is…. not…. not good!”

“Sister Jiao Yue and Chu Yun were being obstructed by Young Miss at the garden.”

Jin Lan’s eyes sunk, a small crack formed at her lips and started to laugh coldly, with large strides she made her way to to the garden.

“Rumours barely spread far and you are already unable to restrain yourself, DAMN YOU WAN YU!!!”

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  1. thanks a lot!
    yes—-! new pet, new pet! animal friends are awesome, ok—-! well, interesting mouse! ahaha! beat uo that wan yu again! go—!


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