CE Chapter 28- Good Person

Chapter 28- Good Person
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Nazmul



Jin Lan opened her eyes, looking toward her black canopy and sighed. The last time she recalled, this building was just recently renovated, then why is it when she lie down she is able to hear a lot of squeaking throughout.

“Ji…Ji…Jii” The sound became louder, Jin Lan stood up and follow along the wall looking at every possible location. There! She caught a glimpse of some bun crumbs and bits on the floor. Looking up, she started to laugh heartily.

A mouse was hanging outside of its hole, swinging its tail and looking up. However, despite its efforts, it could not climb up. At the side there is another mouse, squeaking at Jin Lan while starting at the crumbs on the floor.

Jin Lan silently sighed, as expected once there is an excess of food from the Main Family, mice will definitely come. In the past, there was not even a single trace of a mouse appearing.

She blew the candle and prepared to lie down once again. This moment, the mice cries even louder and lively. She raised her eyebrow and took a short glance, to her surprise, there are two greenish pearl glowing in the hole located on the wall.

I’ve only heard that cats’ eyes glow green at night, didn’t expect mice eyes to also glow green as well.

“What are you staring for!? No matter how long you stare at me, there will be no food for you!”

The room’s candle is relit giving the room light once again. Jin Lan flew to catch the mouse hanging in mid-air and casually fling it. She then turned to grab the cake on the table and placed it in front of the mouse. After looking at the mice being alarmed for a moment, before grabbing the food and nibbling on it. That act somehow made her a little sentimental.

In her previous life, before inheriting the identity as Hua Jin Lan, she only lived for 25 years before passing on. She only family was her younger sister. The siblings were adopted by an organisation of killers and assassins. In one of her training, a bunch of children snatching a steamed bun, in order to complete the training and obtain the objective, she have to use everything she could by fair means or foul. By any means necessary, she did it in order to survive. Because of a steam bun, she started killing people at the age of 8.

Actually she knew that her younger sister will ultimately betray her, when Jin Lan was 9, she wanted to escape from the organisation however her younger sister inform the higher ups and yet Jin Lan still acts as she do not know it was her sister who betray her. After experiencing a hellish life, Jin Lan became the organisation’s best assassin and her first mission was to kill her younger sister. However humans are but without emotion, due to her soft heartedness, it led her to losing her life.

Unknowingly to Jin Lan, the mouse appears beside her, to the extent of approaching her. It was then she realised that this white mouse does not have a tail.

“Squeak!” The white little mouse called her.

Jin Lan single-handedly grabbed it by its neck and smiled, “You are still hungry aren’t you.”

Handing over a piece of cake in front of it, the mice was not interested at all and swat it on the floor.

“If you do not eat it, I will stuff it all in your mouth!” Jin Lan fiercely said.

The white mice squeak softly before obediently leaped down to eat the cake, Jin Lan cannot help but to sigh with sorrow. It seems she is unable to be truly evil.

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  1. thanks a lot—!
    lol, it was mice! possible new animal friends?! yes plese, they’re great, ok?! also, i see, jin lan
    s past is really quite saddening…-shakes head-

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