CE Chapter 27 – Viewed as Beast

Chapter 27 – Viewed as Beast
Translated by: Sugar

Jin Lan felt as though her heart had been stab, especially since Yu Yan has cast her a faintly discernible charming eyes. She felt like vomiting… No… Yu Yan’s action has caused her genuinely want to vomit blood. A perfectly good scheme making him a cuckold has been foiled after a single sentence from him, it totally turn the tide against her. After Jin Lan have a reputation of being ‘Glory City’s bold and unconstrained girl’ this will now add another reputation of ‘Making a ruckus in Lin Long Tower due to jealousy’?!

CHUN YU YAN, I distance myself away from you, you still come forth and screw with me? Damn you!

Yu Zhuang on the other hand is holding back his laughter, he, contrary to what one might expect, is very contented to see Jin Lan in this state. Her ploy to wreck the marriage has backfired making her seems like a jealous wife, brilliant comeback by Yu Yan.

Never has anyone made Jin Lan give up without a fight, however she had already thought this through. One must be able to accept defeat and be flexible in order to win. This revenge can be taken at a later date.

Jin Lan, with a taut face, forced a smile, pulled Su Huan towards her and whispered something in her ear before leaving Lin Long Tower at top speed.

The shameless Yu Yan followed closely, he still got the nerve to draw full of gold and silver luxurious horse cart beside her. He open the curtain, “Lan Er, do you need me to send you home?”

Jin Lan pulled a face and replied, “Visiting a brothel while bringing this beast? When you are having a threesome, do you enjoy a beast spectating you?”

The black cat aimed at her and cried “MEYAN” showing off might.

Jin Lan exposes her white teeth,ย sinisterly said,” I wonder if cat meat is delicious?”

The black cat quickly turned and firmly dig into Yu Yan embrace.

Yu Yan laugh heartily before turning and leave immediately. Jin Lan assumes that he did not understand that insult and as such feels even more depressed.

“Young Mistress……” Jiao Yue called, trying to test out her current disposition.

“WHAT?!” Jin Lan turned around and roughly roared at her.

Jiao Yue shivered, her mouth sunk, with a pathetic expression looked at Jin Lan.

At the sight of Jiao Yue’s expression, Jin Lan heart became soft, she reached out and pinch her soft and delicate cheeks. “Jiao Jiao, don’t be angry. I am anticipating for your massage at night!”

“Shameless!” Behind appears Fei Ao who saw Jin Lan teasing her servant, with a despise gaze looked at her.

Jin Lan became cheerful, since Yu Yan is undefeatable currently, this small-scale Fei Ao would have to suffice.

“Hmm? Are you jealous? Or did you envy her? Should this young master dally on you too?”

“You B…..!” Fei Ao almost wanted to curse, but Fei Xian kicked him stopping him. He then change his sentence, “What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?”

“I know you are a pig, it is both clearly and easily seen. You do not have to emphasize.” Jin Lan waves her hands.

“THIRD BROTHER! She is just too much!” Fei Ao aims at Fei Xian.

Fei Xian coldly looks at him, “What happens to others does not affect you.”

“Indeed, it is neither related to you nor requires any of your concern. No matter how much you want or do, it will ultimately be none of your business. Stupid!” Jin Lan coolly dropped that line before leaving.



12 thoughts on “CE Chapter 27 – Viewed as Beast

  1. Thanks for the chapter. JL is smart to leave things at it is and plot her revenge another day. YY seems to have won this round. The black cat reminds me of the cat in Inspector Gadget. He He


  2. LOL This story is so weird yet entertaining. :’D Thanks for translating! I love the interactions between Yu Yan and Jin Lan. I only wish they were longer…

    Hate her family, but for some reason, I hope that her two brothers could become her allies. I wish the original author gave us more background info on Jin Lan. Who and where is her birth mother? Why does her father hate her so much? and so on. Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait for all of that to be slowly revealed. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I think this writer is a writer in steroids. Seriously, it’s a bit messy. Still lots of contradicting things. Characters have no definite personalities. It’s really weird. HAHAHAHAHA

    Well, I still thank you for the efforts you’ve placed in translating this though, despite your heavy schedule. More power!


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