CE Chapter 23 – Four Big Families

Chapter 23- Four Big Families

Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Connor

(TL Note: New characters are introduced again. You guys time to get confused once again!)

“Brother Fei Ao, are you alright?” A petite boy from a private room rush forward to help Fei Ao up, while raising his head and saw Jin Lan. “What in the world happened here?”

With skin was white as snow, glistening lips similar to a cherry, and rosy cheeks from cosmetic powder, it was obviously this boy was the same as Jin Lan; a girl who was hiding her identity.

Jin Lan did a somersault while leaping down from the second floor, landing steadily just before Fei Ao. Jin Lan’s hand stretched to pull the masquerading girl into her own embrace and whispered into her ear. “This young master here fancies you!”

All of a sudden, a voice could be heard calling out “What a skirt-chaser!” Jin Lan stepped back three steps just in time to dodge the moves aimed at her. Before her eyes appeared a green-clad male, his eye shining radiantly and his strikes as fierce as the gale. Clearly this man was not a simple person.

“Young….. Master!” Jiao Yue abruptly shouted, moving closely to Jin Lan’s ears, where she whispered “That gentleman belongs to the Fei Household.”

“Fei Household?” Jin Lan frowned, looking doubtful. “Is it some sort of new entertainment?”

“How dare a rowdy commoner speak rudely!?” Their conversation was overheard by the sharp hearing of Fei Ao. His eyes locked on to Jin Lan and he whirled his body to prepare a flying kick aimed at her.

Jin Lan raise her hand to block his kick, borrowing the force to propel herself towards him, her other hand pushing off the ground. With both her legs leaping forward her body became horizontal as she kicked Fei Ao directly in the face. Both of them exchanged moves but were immediately interrupted by a green silhouette. He forcefully pulled away Fei Ao breaking Jin Lan’s stance.

(TL Note: For those who have played before Final Fight, it is similar to Hagger’s Jump Kick)

The man then wrapped his hand and greet Jin Lan, “I am Fei Xian Yun, within the four seas we are all friends, if my brother has offended you in any way, I hope that you can find some way to forgive him.”

“But that person tried to take liberties with Yue Zhuang!” Fei Ao objected, refusing to accept.

“Oh? In what way, did I take liberty of her?” Fei Ao and Fei Xian Yun followed the voice and realised the man standing before them was missing. They then heard Yue Zhuang who is behind them cried out softly before they turned their heads.

Fei Ao and Fei Xian turned, only to see Jin Lan had already grabbed Yue Zhuang, the girl disguised as a boy, and retreated to the doorway. Both Feis, as well as the Yue Family Young Master, Yue Liang who had saved Yue Zhuang earlier on, were alarmed. How did this person silently and noiselessly appear right beside her?

“Was this what you called taking liberties?” Jin Lan said, as she pulled Yue Zhuang toward her and grabbed her waist. She drew their faces together, and mischievously pecked her on the cheek and cheekily said, “Little missy, let this one see your smile.”

This naive and innocent young lady had just received such a humiliation from the kiss, done so openly in public. Unable to accept the frivolous act, being both ashamed and resentful, both of her eyes slowly became red, and two bead of tears rolled down from her face.

“YOU BASTARD!” Fei Ao’s hair stood up in anger, acting at the same time as Yue Liang, both charging towards their target.

It was clear to Jin Lan that, out of the three of them, Yue Liang and Fei Xian Yun are mutually equal in skills and Fei Ao’s Martial Arts were the lowest. However, based on her current skill level, she feared that she might not even have a chance of defeating Fei Ao.

She quickly whispered something to Yue Zhuang and swiftly made her escape. Just within a short amount of time, she had already blended into the crowd within the city.

“Second Brother!” Yue Zhuang, still red from the incident, pulled on Yue Liang and shook her head. “Forget about it, don’t chase anymore.”

“The next time I see that pretty face, I will make sure to beat him to death.” Fei Ao furiously said.


13 thoughts on “CE Chapter 23 – Four Big Families

    1. In a homogeneous people, large factors other than height make it harder to see if they are attractive and specially if younger per-adults. This would be even truer of an ancient society that had little marriages outside the ethnic norm. and very true of peoles that have slight frames and modest bosums and male height. I had a twin cousin that was my opposite gender exact duplicate until we were teens. Our faces didnt differ until we were around 20.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    I wonder what jin lan has whispered to the girl

    Jin Lan somersetted and leaped down from the second floor,
    –> somersaulted


  2. Thanks a lot!
    Woah— jin lan so cool! Ok, two new characters…hm… Also, lol, jin lan’s hilarious! She is trying to take liberties–


  3. Wasn’t chun yu ye the prince traveller and yu zhuang the prince interested to Jin lan? And yu ru was the princess. Yu yan is become suddenly the travel prince. I’m so confused 😫
    I would be really grateful if you could explain me who is who 🙂 I appreciate very much your work: go on like this 🙂


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