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CE Chapter 43 – Lady From Rong Family

Chapter 43 – Lady From Rong Family

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Bear-Nii

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CE Chapter 41 – Natural Enemies Meet

Chapter 41 – Natural Enemies Meet

Translated by : Sugar
Editor: Bear-Nii, Immortul

Hi Hi, it has been a while since I wrote one of these things. I have been pretty busy these few days…. Sigh, daily chapters are harder than I had expected. Don’t worry I will still keep on trying to post daily. Anyways, I would like to use this as an opportunity to welcome my newest editor, Bear-Nii. Everyone, Please welcome him. ^ ^
This brings my Team to 6 people. 1 TLer (Me) and 5 Editors.

Enjoy the chapter!
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CE Chapter 34 – Unwanted Visit

Chapter 34 – Unwanted Visitor

Translated by Sugar

Editor : Kloud Goat, Conner

Before we start the chapter, I would to announce a good news. As you guys can see, I just got a new domain \(^o^)/!! This means I can earn some money to help pay my taxes. Since it is running by WordAds, I hope that you guys can help me by turning off your adblock and whitelist this site. Thanks you for your support! Without further ado, let us commence the chapter.(*≧∀≦*)

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