CE Chapter 22- Trouble in Brothel


Chapter 22 – Trouble in Brothel

Translated by- Sugar
Editor: Connor

While Luo Xiang and Wan Yu, mother and daughter are planning how to bring down Jin Lan, Jin Lan herself was visiting the brothel. Luo Xiang and Wan Yu were pondering ways they could wreck the future wedding.

“Using me as your shield?” Zhao Yi said loathingly to Jin Lan.  “Hua Jin Lan, are you seriously trying to become part of the Royal Family?”

Jin Lan raised her eyelids as she looked at him. “I paid you to service me, not to gossip.”

Zhao Yi choked in rage, turning around and swallowing, realizing he no longer had a chance against Jin Lan. Before, he could maintain a haughty attitude against the disgrace, but now he was forced to succumb to her every whim.

“Young Mistress, let us return!” Jiao Yue whispered, “If Master knew, he would beat us to death. Also…. now that your status is different, entering a place like this is a little…unsightly..”

Jin Lan snorted and signaled Chu Yun to massage her leg harder. To Jin Lan, her status does not mean much, and she had come here intending to cause problems anyway. It would be best if those people living in the Royal Palace know about her visit,  so she could once again beat someone up to solve all her problems.

“This Sir, our Zhao Yi is currently entertaining a client, you cannot enter…”

“Nonsense! If I say I want to see him now, you better drag him out! No one ever disobey me!”

The door has been kicked open, while the Madam (Brothel Keeper) is making a difficult face while pulling on the young man. This gentlemen is dressed exquisitely, high and mighty but currently he was looking around with disdain.

Zhao Yi, wearing all green, is minding his own business pouring wine, while Jin Lan on the other hand is leaning lazily at a corner while looking a little dispirited.

Fei Ao swung his sleeves as he entered the room, and with contemplating eyes looked at Jin Lan and commented. “Is this the number one Prostitute in the Yue Empire? Hmph… Nothing more than a disappointment.”

Zhao Yi is wearing a fake smile on his face and look at Jin Lan, knowing that Fei Ao had just made a huge mistake. He saw Jin Lan’s lips curl up and he tried to control his laughter.



Currently at the first floor, these pleasure seeking males were suddenly shocked by something flying out from the second floor. When they looked up, they saw a youngster dressed in white opening a smashed door and walking out. With one leg stepping on the railing and extended middle finger, the youngster shouted. “You joker! Which part of my face says that I am a prostitute? Just say one more damn word, I will ask one of these guys to burst your buttocks.”

Being pointed at by Jin Lan, Zhao Yi could not smile at all, in fact currently his face is as black as the bottom of a pan.

The kick given to Fei Ao was not light, and was due to his own error made when he entered the room and recognized the wrong person. All he could do now is to complain to the heavens and endure the pain. Climbing up slowly and patting the dust from his clothes, cupping his fist together and said “I was blind, Brother please allow me to beg for forgiveness.”

Jin Lan cooly said, “I do not intend to forgive you! So what will you do?”


8 thoughts on “CE Chapter 22- Trouble in Brothel

  1. thanks a lot!
    ahaha, jin lan’s planning to wreck the wedding?! so hilarious! also, lol, zhao yi is the one who also suffers, it seems! -shakes head- so unfortunate, that fei ao…though hd got what was coming to him.


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