CE Chapter 19 -Little Interest

Chapter 19 – Little Interest

Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Kloud Goat

“Young Mistress. Finally, we will no longer need to suffer any more!” Jiao Yue carefully clasped the Royal Decree while tears were forming in her eyes.

Jin Lan glance at the item before smiling to herself. Just when she poured herself a cup of tea,  guests arrived in the courtyard.

Butler Wang, leading some servants, knelt before Jin Lan and shouted loudly,” Our respects to you, my Princess.”

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun straightened their backs, raising their eyebrows while overlooking these people.

“Please rise!” Jin Lan holding back the urge to laugh. “Butler Wang, what is your purpose for your arrival to my courtyard?”

Butler Wang laughed sheepishly, “Young Mistress, you sure love to crack jokes with me. Your servant would like to ask whether you would like to change to another apartment?”

To a future Princess, living in such a poorly maintained apartment is unseemly.  “There is no need to change, just organize this place to better suit my living condition!”

“Indeed! Indeed!” Butler Wang, together with the other servants, left in a hurry.

“Bah! What a hypocrite!” Jiao Yue spat.


Front Hall.

The Travelling Prince has already ordered his men to deliver the dowry to the Hua Household and it had just arrived. Luo Xiang, with a blackened face, was checking the product while Bai Xiang sat down absent-mindlessly drinking tea.

“It seems that Sister has finally done something for the family!” Fei Sheng indifferently commented.

“Big Brother! Are you trying to annoy me?!” Wan Yu saw boxes and boxes of jewelries and other objects carried in. Feeling the mix of jealousy and regret, especially after hearing Fei Sheng’s comment, she was unable to hold back her feelings.

“Wan Yu, do not be so petty. It is only jewelries, Mother has bought many for you in the past.” Que Qi taunting her.

Wan Yu glared at him while twisting her sleeves: “What do you know?!”

“Alright, the items can be sen to the West Apartment, after that you may all leave.” Bai Xiang stood up.

Fei Sheng and Que Qi accompanied Bai Xiang on leaving the front hall, the only ones remaining were Luo Xiang and Wan Yu.

“Wait!” Wan Yu stopped a servant, pulled her hand and picked up the item from the box. “Mother, Look! What a beautiful jockey clothes!” she exclaimed excitedly.

What Wan Yu was holding up in her hands a red jockey outfit with an embroidery of a phoenix using gold thread. She repeatedly felt it with her hand while her eyes were radiating.


“Young Mistress! The Travelling Prince has sent gifts!” Jiao Yue, full of joy and expectations, ran to the courtyard. Chu Yun quickly examined the items.

“This is not the dowry.” Jiao Yue took out a letter from her back and smiled “This letter is for you from the Prince. I was specially informed by the delivery man.”

Jin Lan took out the letter, on it was a couple of words with flamboyant and bold cursive calligraphy. “Riding Tomorrow! Change the Equipment!”

Yu Yan’s words were elegant yet imposing, it was as though his words were describing himself. This Prince… he is not a simple person.

Jin Lan swept the room full of jewelries, noticing the box with a horse whip but it was missing the outfit for the horse riding. Her mouth curved up and smiled. It seems that there would be a good show tomorrow.

(TL Note: Jin Lan….. Don’t give empty promises to the readers….. I am not even sure whether I can finish TLing by tomorrow! T.T”)

the readers….. I am not even sure whether I can finish TLing by tomorrow! T.T”)

16 thoughts on “CE Chapter 19 -Little Interest

  1. What a spoiled brat. It seems that her mother really has not taught her the right manners! This girl has a talent! The talent of naturally attracting disaster to oneself! Tell me Wan Yu, did you cultivate in the dao of natural disaster?! What power!

    Thanks for the chapter!


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