CE Chapter 18 – Wandering Princess

Chapter 18 – Wandering Princess
Translated by: Sugar

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Everyone, including young and old, from the Hua Household knelt down to receive the Royal Decree. Jin Lan, on the hand, not only entered last but also hiding behind a curtain, cooly staring the decree bearing eunuch.

“Hua Jin Lan, step forward to receive the Royal Decree!” Eunuch Zhang drag his word while holding the decree with both of his hand.

Bai Xiang face twitched while Wan Yu’s face completely change, everyone did not understand why Jin Lan’s name is being called to receive the decree. Could this be a blessing or a disaster?

Unable to hide, Jin Lan reluctantly went up and knelt.

“Jin Lan belonging to the Hua Clan, elegant and virtuous. Now she has been bestow the title of being the wife of the Third Son, Wandering Prince. The marriage date is yet to be chosen. From his Emperor himself” Eunuch Zhang stepped forward and supported Jin Lan up, “Wandering Princess, please accept the decree.”

Hua Family was stunned as though they had been hit by a rod on the head, Jin Lan did not expect Yu Yan to have such a move, this news came just at the perfect moment, just in time to solve the current conundrum.

Even though Bai Xiang could smell a rat from afar, all he could do now is to thank the benevolence from the emperor for the Royal Decree and tipped Eunuch Zhang for his efforts before returning to the main hall.

Wan Yu snatched the decree from Jin Lan’s hand, said sourly: “I cannot believe it. I simple can’t. This Decree must be fake, how can the Wandering Prince marry such a wretch like you….!”

*Slap* Everyone went back to their senses, the Decree returned back to Jin Lan’s hand while Wan Yu’s face had been turned. Wan Yu turned her face back and clamored “HOW DARE YOU! Slapping me in front of both Grandmother and Father!?”

“Even if I am not the Travelling Princess, I am still your older sister. Insulting your sister, I do not know how your mother teach you about mannerism.” Jin Lan look askance to Luo Xiang, the latter got angry but was stopped by the glare of Xiu Lin.

“What Jin Lan says is correct, How impudent.” Xiu Lin continued “However Jin Lan, you using your status as Travelling Princess to pressure your First Mother, this is not part of Hua Family teachings either.”

(TL Note: First Mother here refers to the status of the wife. First Mother = First Wife. Second Mother = Second Wife etc. It does not mean they are blood related.)

Wan Yu, after hearing that, quickly continued after Xiu Lin. “It is alright if you bully me, but you should care about Father and Mother. Such unfilial person can also be the wife of the Royal Family!?”

Jin Lan was no fool either, now with the Royal Decree at her hand, she will definitely take full advantage of it.

“Whether I am suitable or not, the decision does not lie in you.” Jin Lan disdain her and turn to Xiu Lin. “Hua Old Madam, if other did not start bullying me in the first place I will not have any reason to retaliate. It is just that the household is full of people who do not treat me right, if they were to stop. I will naturally will not throw my status around too. However, even the servants of this house look down on me, I am worry even my status will not be able to protect me…..” Such subtleness but meaningful. This was a warning that Jin Lan….. is someone who holds a grudge and should not be offended.

“Ridiculous!” Bai Xiang shouted loudly, “Even if you were go to heavens and reach the skies, Grandmother is still Grandmother. Know your place and call her such!”

Jin Lan mockingly smiled, “Hmm? The last time I remember I do not have any relatives or close one named Hua…”

“YOU….” Bai Xiang raise his hand preparing to strike but was stopped by Xiu Lin’s cane. She pondered a while before looking at Jin Lan,”You should go back and rest a bit, I will instruct the servants not to disturb you anymore.”

Until Jin Lan, bringing both Jiao Yue and Chu Yun, were out of their view, only then Wan Yu dared to speak up. “Grandmother, how could you favor that wretch….”

“WAN YU!” Xiu Lan slammed her cane. “Pay attention to your status! As a lady from the Hua Family, is it right for you to ‘Wretch here, Wretch there’! What a disgrace.”

Turning to Luo Xiang,” This is how you teach your daughter?”

Luo Xiang, full of fear for Xiu Lan, quickly apologize, “I am sorry, Mother, I will properly teach Wan Yu.”

“Also, despite your complaint and resentment, that Jin Lan is still my granddaughter, furthermore is the Yue Empire’s princess, the difference between ranks and wealth is too great between us, if you would overstep your authorities and offend the Royal Family. Are you able to take responsibilities?!”

Even though Wan Yu is unable to accept the conclusion, she could only agree. Fei Sheng is still calm, unable to get a read on him. However, Que Qi has taken interest in this older sister who was isolated for sixteen years.




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