CE Chapter 17- Royal Decree

Chapter 17- Royal Decree
Translated by Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

The one who injured Jin Lan was indeed Hua Bai Xiang!

Bai Xiang is at the age where he just hit his peak, due to his long training regimens he is currently releasing a frightening aura. Both of his eyes were like that of an eagle, equally spirited and sharp, yet there is a hint of mystery behind this man.

Following behind him, a white haired, yet still full of life, Hua Old Madam Cui Xiu Lin. With her whole body full of jewelries and luxurious items, Hua Madam Miao Luo Xiang. The eldest son Hua Fei Sheng. The fraternal twin of Wan Yu, who is the third son, Hua Que Qi, and a servant nanny Ruo Gan.

“Wan Yu!” Luo Xiang exclaimed once she saw the injured Wan Yu lying on the floor. With a sharp voice aiming towards Jin Lan she roared, “Hua Jin Lan! I am going to beat you to death, you wretch!”

Fei Sheng bent slightly to support his mother. The winter plum blossom made him look as though elegant and graceful gentlemen. “Mother, let Father and Grandmother handle this situation, let us bring Little Yu-Er back to her room and allow a physician to take a look at her condition first.”
(TL Note: Yu-Er is a casual way to call Wan Yu)

“Grandmother! Father! Please do not let that wretch off! Men!” As if using all of her strength to speak while being supported by two servant to leave the field, Wan Yu groaned in pain.

“Wan Yu! Be assured that your mother will take revenge for you!” Luo Xiang resolutely stared at Jin Lan and called the nearby nanny to follow Wan Yu back to her room.

“Spare the rod and the child will rot.” Luo Xiang spoke without restrain. “Jin Lan, the Hua Family did not ill-treat you, but you made use of the fact that we were not here to heavily injure our dear Wan Yu!”

Jin Lan looked at the five people surrounding her. Xiu Lin appeared to be calm, but from the way she puckered her eyebrows, there was some discontent. There was nothing much to say about Bai Xiang, even though he held back his previous strike, it was obvious from his eyes, he hated and loathed Jin Lan to the extent that he was not even trying to conceal it. Fei Sheng was apathetic, it was as though this event was not even his business. Luo Xiang was itching to rip Jin Lan into million pieces. Que Qi was preparing to watch a good show and was enjoying the current situation.

“Where did you learn your Martial Arts from?” Bai Xiang was no fool, even though Jin Lan’s inner ability was much weaker when compared to him, but managing to break the Black Centipede Whip in pieces was no easy feat. He only left less than a month, this Jin Lan cannot be underestimated.

Jin Lan wiped the blood from the side of her mouth, and stood straight. “It was all self taught!”

“Damned girl, you still dare to talk back?” Luo Xiang raised her hand in preparation to hit her.

Jin Lan slightly moved, dodging the slap and shot an icy glance at Luo Xiang. Luo Xiang was astonished, she knew that something was not right, the person standing before her was different.

The Hua Family saw the change in Jin Lan, they could not believe their eyes. How could she change so much in merely a month?

“How could I not realise? There is a Martial Arts Practitioner right under our noses.” Que Qi chuckled, “It seems that we have made an error, we did not expect that Young Mistress is so capable.”

“Jin Lan,” Xiu Lin trudged over while holding her cane. “Tell Grandmother, where did you learn these skills from?”

These changes in attitude deserves to ruminate, Hua Old Madam and Bai Xiang are interested in the origins of her Martial Arts. It seems that the reason why Mei Er sealed her Martial Arts was not as simple as Jin Lan thought. Even though Jin Lan is using moves which are quite simple and basic, they already demand some answer. Bai Xiang will not let this go easily and Jin Lan knew that.

“Old Madam, Master and Madam!” A granny housekeeper from outside ran in, continued to speak despite being breathless, “The Royal family has sent some people, they are waiting outside. Hurry out to receive the Royal Decree!”




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    1. I don’t think so. This is a relatively new TL. However, I do not know vietnamese so I cannot do that TL….. If you are interested in doing a vietnamese TL, feel free to do so. Just drop me a link so I direct some readers there too 😀


  1. that author is fucked up
    he/she makes super short ultra drama chapters with cliffhangers
    and expects the story to be good?
    there was not 1 chapter where new characters werent introduced or some drama stuff happened
    holy shit
    im only gonna read this because i want to know how much drama the author can take till he decides to calm the fuck down
    cocaine is one hell of a drugg
    oh and just mentioning still nicely translated


  2. Eyy! Thanks for the chapter! Haha I hate her family members already! Even when they weren’t yet introduced! Hmph!


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