CE Chapter 16 – Wan Yu’s Punishment

Chapter 16 – Wan Yu’s Punishment
Translated by : Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

Sorry, about missing the yesterday’s upload. Please be assured that I am not dead. Who dies after not uploading a day? Anyways, this week is a busy week for me and update might be a bit slower than normal. I will spending later to update and clean up the blog. ^^

Wan Yu is startled, “With your unpolished Martial Arts, do you think you can win against me?”

Jin Lan’s expression became solemn, the hemp whip she held in her hand was moving as though it was alive, following Wan Yu’s whip and preventing it from landing a hit.

That caused the garden’s dust to spring up and cover the both of them, a black silhouette against a yellow silhouette could be seen revolving each other and confronting each other. Jin Lan abruptly halted and pulled on her rope while smiling. ” I got you now!”

When Wan Yu realized what was going on, it was too late. Her whip had already been caught by Jin Lan’s rope. As she tried to pulled her whip, she felt a strong internal energy flowing through the whip and rushing towards her palm. She suddenly felt fear in her heart and released her grip. Seconds after releasing, her Black Centipede Whip have been snapped into many pieces.

Wan Yu’s jaw dropped, tongue-tied while looking at the snapped pieces on the floor. With an unbelievable expression, she looked at Jin Lan. How is this possible?! Jin Lan is obviously not trained in Martial Arts, but today she managed to destroy the Black Centipede whip?!

All the Hua Household’s servant, including the butler Old Wang, were surprised while witnessing the scene. That Jin Lan, who was even bullied by servants, how did she within such a short moment of time, become so……. dazzling.

The black dress shows off her spirit, full of bravery but yet a slight hint of boredom. Even after defeating Wan Yu, Jin Lan’s expression still remained the same without any sign of joy. That cold and cheerless eyes ensured that everyone knew about her, and that they are no longer able to look down on and bully Jin Lan. Arrogance, cold, cunning and a tyrannical behavior, it was as though the previous Jin Lan was non-existent.

Jin Lan ignored what the others were thinking and continued to brandish her hemp rope, aiming towards Wan Yu. At the start, Wan Yu was able to dodge some of the attacks, but as time passed Jin Lan’s attack became more and more aggressive. She was unable to avoid the strikes and had to endure the beatings.

“AH!!” Wan Yu screamed in pain “Quickly …. Ah!! Quickly pull her away!!!!!”

There was none who moved. To be exact they were unable to move at all. Jin Lan was covered by her own internal aura, the servants realised that if they were to move, they might be injured even before they could even blink.

No mercy was given as Jin Lan continued, constant high pitched screaming could be heard until Wan Yu was unable to withstand the pain no more and pass out.

“You WRETCH!” a voice followed by. Jin Lan suddenly felt fear, it was a feeling that she was not used to. In the next second, a figure appeared before her very eyes and struck her left shoulder!

What a strong force! Even though she was able to withstand the strike, she was almost at her limits. She was pushed five meters back, and stumbled a few steps to regain her balance. Blood spurted from her mouth, her eyes became icy cold and stared at the imposing middle aged man: Hua Bai Xiang!



10 thoughts on “CE Chapter 16 – Wan Yu’s Punishment

  1. thanks a lot!
    ahaha, it’s ok to miss an update, busy, busy—
    anyway, woo—-! jin lan so cool! respect! wahaha, great job! hmph, wan yu got what was coming to her, ok! well, well, now another person has come, eh?


  2. I really can’t take it when people spout bull without even discerning the situation. Hmph!

    Thanks for the chapter~


  3. There are really a lot of inconsistencies here. First off, back in Chapter 6, it was mentioned the Wandering Prince is named ‘Chun Yu Ye.’ Two chapters before this, I’m pretty sure the guy in the festival was called ‘Yu Yan’. Then again, Wan Yu referred to him as the Wandering Prince in Chapter 15. What is it really?

    Also, I thought Jin Lan haven’t learned martial arts yet? I quote back in Ch 13 “…she have not been able to learn any of the ancient arts and was unable to land safely…”, so I assumed, from this wording, that absolutely none. Since there was nothing new, her martial arts shouldn’t be enough to defeat Wan Yu (she even stated this back when the first time they sparred, in ‘Siblings’). So, it’s just weird, with all that given, she was able to win against Wan Yu this time…? No offence to MC, but logically/realistically speaking, it’s weird.

    I am confused with the inconsistencies of this novel! Unless someone explain to me otherwise, and tell me Yu Ye and Yu Yan are one and the same… really, I feel like this novel is a big joke. I hope it’ll turn better soon.


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