CE Chapter 15 – Wan Yu’s Defiance

Chapter 15 – Wan Yu’s Defiance
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

Sorry for the late release… I suddenly found out that I ran out of backlog and quickly did this chapter. The quality may not be as good as compared to the others!!! T.T

Inside the Hua Household.

“Stop right there! Jin Lan!” Wan Yu called out from the back.

Jin Lan rolled her eyes, “Why do I have to listen to you? You tell me to stop, I have to stop for you?”

Wan Yu hastened her steps and roared “Do not think that in the future you will be able to gain fame and power. That Travelling Prince is just toying with you. Have you forgotten all the failed proposals you made in the past?”

Jin Lan stopped, turned around and smiled. “Even if you were to deliver yourself in front of their doorsteps, I doubt they would be willing to take you in.”

“YOU……..” Wan Yu coldly laugh. “For the Hua’s household to have a disgraceful daughter such as yourself, is truly one of the Hua’s biggest shame. On behalf of Father, let me teach you a lesson.” Without hesitation, she took out the whip by her waist and swung it towards Jin Lan. In the past, she was not cautious of Jin Lan think that she was the Previous Host hence Jin Lan was able to take advantage of that situation. However, that was no longer the case.

Jin Lan was no longer smiling. She pushed Jiao Yue and Chu Yun away while using her left hand to catch the whip and restrain it.

Wan Yu tugged the whip to no avail, the whip was firmly held by Jin Lan. “Jin Lan if you are brave enough, release the whip! Let us have a fair duel!”

Jin Lan smiled and released her grip on the whip. “Very well!”

The two of them moved outdoors to a wider garden, Wan Yu readied her stance indicating that Jin Lan should stand at the opposite side. Just when Jin Lan was getting ready, with her backed faced toward Wan Yu, a whip suddenly flew towards Jin Lan.

“Young Mistress!” Jiao Yue shocking yelled.

Wan Yu secretly laughed, how could a mere Jin Lan be an opponent for her? What is Jin Lan? A miserable pile of secrets! But enough of that, it was truly nothing but a waste of time.

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun were about to go and block the strike, when Wan Yu swung the whip. Wan Yu was certain that this strike would at immobilize Jin Lan for the next three months.

However, originally facing away from Wan Yu, Jin Lan suddenly turned around. The whip merely grazed the tip of her clothes, and using a speed invisible to most, appeared in front of Wan Yu.

Wan Yu was startled, but did not let her guard down and raise her hand to retrieve her whip. Jiao Yue heard the sound of the wind and jumped back to dodge the whip. Wan Yu heaved a sigh of relief, she calmed herself down and refocused. She then took aim at Jin Lan’s face.

Wan Yu thought that this would finally teach Jin Lan a lesson, however, currently she is feeling a sense of contempt. This fight was also attracting a small crowd. One after another they would gather around to observe the fight.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jin Lan saw a servant carrying a hemp rope. She kicked up the rope up in the air and whirled to grab it. Using both hands she tugged on the rope, Jin Lan was going to use the rope as a whip against Wan Yu.



20 thoughts on “CE Chapter 15 – Wan Yu’s Defiance

    1. I hear you 😦
      I keep going back to the previous chapter thinking I probably missed one only to find out, “Oh, this story pacing is really disjointed…”

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I can’t make sense of what the fuck is going on. It goes from one thing to the next at mach speed with absolutely no explanation.
    This author really needs to work on pacing.


  2. I’m not sure if its the writing or the translation but the awkward phrasing in this series makes at least one section in every chapter extremely confusing. Like here:

    “However, originally facing away from Wan Yu, Jin Lan suddenly turned around. The whip merely grazed the tip of her clothes, and using a speed invisible to most, appeared in front of Wan Yu.”

    Did the whip move faster than the eye can see to appear in front of Wan Yu or did Jin Lan? It seems to be saying it was the whip, but why would it appear in front of Wan Yu when it was being used to attack Jin Lan. However, if it was Jin Lan, then how did Jin Lan move that fast when she can’t do martial arts yet? Plus, why didn’t she do anything once she had gotten that close?

    This combined with the inescapable similarities between this and DoP is making it hard for me to maintain an interest in this series.


  3. ‘That Travelling Prince is just toying with you’ So that was the third prince of the Chun family? I thought his name was Yu Ye and not Yu Yan. I should have looked at the character list–there is a misprint in the chapter in which he was introduced calling him Yu Ye. Now that I have that straight I wonder what his motive is. Does he just want to play with her or does he know something about the ‘phoenix’.

    The misprint is Chapter 6. when I went back to check I realized I had not even noticed that in Chapter 5 she claimed the fabric for her clothes was a gift from the travelling prince, Chun Yu Yan. Haha. and now she will get a proposal from him.


  4. Eh. Well that little—- ehem. The pace of the story is really fast. But it is still somehow understandable though! C’mon let’s see how you use the rope against a whip. I do hope she leaves a resounding slap onto her face.


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