CE Chapter 14 – Self Sacrifice

Chapter 14 – Self Sacrifice
Translated: Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

Of course, Jin Lan never had the intention of really dying together with some cat, she just purely want to drown that damned cat.

Using one hand to hold the cat’s neck, she pressed the cat into the water while laugh maniacally. “HA HA HA, DIE YOU DAMNED CAT!!!!”
(TL Note: ….. What the actual….? It seems that the author is taking acid while writing this)

Over ten lanterns came closer towards Jin Lan, a red clothed male was standing in the light indifferently spoke to the people beside him. “Hurry up and rescue Miss Hua.”

The man could only be described as devilishly good looking, even Jin Lan was affected by his looks. His long hair was lazily tied with a jade band and his clothes aren’t straight, leaving his collar to be open quite widely. The colour red makes him looks even more mysterious. He puts one of his hands behind his back and he looks as though he was of a different league as compared to commoners. However, his eyes is quite distant, to be more specific cold, Jin Lan could tell that he looks as though he was detached from the world and he was in fact quite lonely.

“Prince, the cat is all right!” His bodyguard knelt before him while reporting the news.

“Isn’t it just a beast? How dare it climbed over my head!” Jin Lan almost retorted.

Yu Yan smiled at Jin Lan, “Just now Miss Hua saved my cat, I have decided to reward you heavily. Is there anything you particularly want?”

“It’s her again….” the gossipers are beginning to chatter continuously.

“It’s that Hua Jin Lan again, how thick-skinned. She keeps annoying the prince over and over again!”

“You see that lantern the Prince is holding? Jin Lan was the one who throw it toward him!!”

Due to the accident earlier on, Jin Lan received some internal injuries and accidentally put in too much strength into her hand which is hold the cat. “MEOW! NYAN!” the cat cried while brandish its claw around.

Yu Yan took out the marriage documents from the lantern, and opened it in front of the crowd. “Thank you for your interest, however I do not have any intentions of receiving another partner at the moment.”

Jin Lan stared at Yu Yan’s cunning eyes and realised it was a ploy by him. For the lantern to miraculously appear before her and to suddenly land on his ship. Making matters worse, he, in front of all these ignorant people, rejected her.

Her mouth twitched while raising her hand to slam, the almost choked, cat on the ground. Then, she clapped her hands. “Well then! Good day to you too as well! Help me greet your family for me!”

The cat hissed before jumping on to Yu Yan’s shoulders. It’s emerald green eyes stared at Jin Lan and bared its fangs towards her. Yu Yan was not bothered by it, and instead smiled while asking “Since Miss Hua saved my cat, I will allow you to request for one thing.”

Jin Lan stopped, eyes full of hidden intentions and requested “If that is the case, I, Hua Jin Lan will request the prince to devote your life to me!”

Cries from the surrounding crowd were heard, some were of joy while some were of despair but either which Jin Lan is happy with the current results.

“I accept. In three days, I will personally drop in and propose to you.”

Jin Lan cannot believe her ears, she almost thought she had misheard. Yu Yan actually…… agreed? So easily!? Then what was that rejection about?

Someone from the crowd broke the awkward silence. “That lady was so determined that the prince finally agreed to marry her.”  The crowd changes the way they looked at Jin Lan.

There are a bunch of eyes full of “Even though she is shameless, she finally moved the prince’s heart. We are quite touched.” all looking at Jin Lan. What is that supposed to mean….!

(Ed. Note: Will we finally learn the meaning of the title? She is marrying a Prince after all)

29 thoughts on “CE Chapter 14 – Self Sacrifice

    1. um…if he’s the male lead then let’s hope that he will turn out to be better as he seems ^~^;

      (sorry, I’m a little bit lost with this story, so I’m not quite ure who the male lead is .___.)


  1. thanks a lot!
    lol, that ploy! it looks like he’s the desperate one. jin lan—- you ask for life, it would be about marriage, come now—!


  2. Is Chun Yu Zhuang the male lead or Chu Yu Yun? I don’t want to ship Theron’s person and end up heartbroken near the middle/end. My feelings were played enough when I was reading other novels 😥

    Liked by 2 people

  3. …the story seemed to go downhill and extremely similar to other novels -_- why aren’t there proper martial arts novels with a female lead with no typical romance with the prince?! ;; i hope it was just a joke..

    Liked by 2 people

      1. But the cover of the novel is a real spoiler for the readers though… But I do hope that her love interests will pop out in that novel soon. But there is already one though? The guy that she beat up in a competition? I forgot his name. Haha!


  4. Since Jin Lan is destined to be the Empress–the phoenix that descended into the Hua family–is this the Crown Prince or just a Prince? If it is the Crown Prince it is her destined one. She accidentally took a step toward her fate. Is he the one that knows? the one who was with the priest? That one might be the destined one if he isn’t one and the same as this one. If he is just a prince but knows her destiny then he must think if he marries her he will surely be the Emperor.


  5. W-w-w-what??? Is it just me or does that prince already know that she might be the Phoenix the old man was talking about? Damn, if getting a guy was that easy, I’d save all the cats in this world.


  6. Did the author have a stroke or something?
    “Im on a boat, oh wait now im not on a boat, a boat crashed into me, people are piling on me, im not on a boat, im getting internal injuries”


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