CE Chapter 12 – Learning

Chapter 12 – Learning
Translated by : Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

Milestone Chapter #2

(TL note: You guys are too much lol… 2 Milestone Chapters back to back? This is for the 10,000 view in this blog, if you can count this as a blog. Thank you guys for taking time out to read my translations. I know I may not be the best translator but I am trying to improve. Once again, I would like to thank my viewers/readers and also my dearest Editor. Good Luck for his Projects/Exam!!! On a side note, since majority of the readers come from novelupdate.com, if you guys do not mind and do appreciate my work… I will be very glad if you guys can rate this novel here and write some reviews about it.
Thank you very much *Bows* – Sugar
Let us begin the Chapter!!!)

Different world have different rules to survival. Jin Lan strongly believes this saying, hence in this land full of Martial Arts practitioners, her fighting capability is not enough to win in this world. That is why she requires the help of Mei Er.

In her memory, it was Mei Er was who sealed the Previous Host’s Marital Arts. However, the reason was unknown and nor was it important. The matter at hand is to become strong in the shortest amount of time.

Once again the honest and sincere middle-aged man was in front of her, Jin Lan spoke up and requested: “I need to learn Martial Arts!”

Mei Er’s dull-looking eyes suddenly lit up as though he was shooting two rays of light beams and quickly scan Jin Lan. “Are you sure, Young Mistress?”

The Previous Host’s ability had been sealed since young and she does not have much memory about it. Mei Er on the other hand, however, is able to remember it clearly. He has been acting as a housekeeper in the Hua Household. There must be some relationship between him and Jin Lan’s mother.

“Mei Er, if Young Mistress learns Martial Arts, Old Master will hold her higher!” Chu Yun urges.

Mei Er shook his head,” Even if Young Mistress is able to master Martial Arts, Old Master will not regard highly.”

Jin Lan knew, from his behavior, that if people did not know that they are family, others might think that they are sworn enemies.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Jin Lan decided.

Mei Er did not hesitate and nodded, “Young Mistress, Mei Er has a request.”


“I only wish to accompany Young Mistress wherever Young Mistress may go.”

A loyal servant? Jin Lan’s eyelids slightly twitched and without any more thought nodded in agreement.

Mei Er slightly relaxed, “I will come by later this evening.”

After Mei Er left, Chu Yun exclaimed, ” After so many years, this is the first time I heard Mei Er actually knew Martial Arts!”

Similar to Chu Yun, Jiao Yue agreed, “Young Mistress did not tell us about such matters.”

“That is enough, in the future let us not speak of this matter anymore.” Jin Lan interrupted.

Both of them kept quiet before replying, “Do not worry, Young Mistress!” However, even after making such a promise, both of them are unable to hide their feelings. Perhaps they are having expectations for Jin Lan or maybe they are just happy for Jin Lan.

Jin Lan stopped and thought back to the time when she was living her previous life, she wants to go back to fulfill some regrets, like killing those who are hunting her head, and teaching her younger sister a lesson. However, she knew that she was unable to do so, her previous body had already became food for the fishes by this point. The thought of wanting to go back is nothing more than a delusion.

Yue Guo, Hua Household and the identity of Hua Jin Lan… What could she achieve in this new life?

**** (TL note:Indicating a change in scene)

Observing from the observation deck, an old Taoist devotee stood up from his praying mat. His eyes chased the bright purple light falling into Glory City from the night sky.

“Good! Good! Good!” The Taoist devotee pinches his finger together and mutters.

“Priest, what happened?” A man with black hair wearing green just stepped on the observation deck, asked.

“Sir.” The priest bowed toward Yu Yan and joyfully said. “It seems that the Phoenix star has descended upon us.”

“Oh? In that case, do you know who is it?” Yu Yan questioned.

The Priest chanted for a moment before replying, “I can only estimate the location. However, I do know that the household is quite strong, but it does not belong to the imperial household.”

“Which direction?” (TL note: Definitely not one direction XD)

“South-East of Glory City”

The Hua Household…..

19 thoughts on “CE Chapter 12 – Learning

  1. Phoenix star has descended.. The Hua Household…..
    and ‘the people’ will thought it be Hua Wan Yu instead of Hua Jin Lan.. (o_o) (._.)
    Anyway thankx for the update!!!


  2. The more I read the more this story looks like the descent of the phoenix… If she becomes the bride of one of those princes she met before, I’m dropping this.


  3. Really similar to Descent of the Phoenix. Haha! Even the same mythical creature! And the husband is going to be a Dragon? Or am I just speculating too much into the future? Who knows!

    We appreciate your efforts Sugar. Thanks for the chapter!


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