CE Chapter 11 – Killing Intent

Chapter 11- Killing Intent
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

Wan Yu moves back two steps and looks at Jin Lan, but words are not coming out from her mouth. Jin Lan’s swift speed and agile movement have caught Wan Yu off guard and is stunned.

Qing He and Lyu Bo saw their master at a disadvantage, hurried went to support her. Lyu Bo furiously denounced, “How dare you rebel against our Mistress! When Old Master is back, I will….. AH!!!”

Lyu Bo had not finished speaking before Jin Lan used the heavy whip and whipped towards the mouth. She screamed out and covered her mouth in pain, it was then Wan Yu finally recovered from being stunned and full of rage shouted: “JIN LAN!! YOU DARE TO HIT MY PEOPLE?!”

Jin Lan slightly tilted her head and smiled: “But… I already hit them… What do you mean whether I dare or dare not?”

Wan Yu exploded and charged in to attack Jin Lan.

Jin Lan did not know any martial arts, and this body is unable to withstand the Qi Gong (Inner Ability) which Jin Lan learned from her previous life. She had to make use of her explosive power and had to subdue Wan Yu in the shortest amount of time.

Wan Yu missed two of her strikes but managed to dodge her whip, however, when she turned Jin Lan had already disappeared. Suddenly, Wan Yu felt an icy cold object touching her neck, she can almost feel the sharpness of that object.

Jin Lan put a small dagger to Wan Yu’s throat, “I just bought this ornamental dagger yesterday, I am not really sure whether it is sharp or not. Shall I use you to test it?”

“HUA JIN LAN!” Wan Yu shouted, this icy cold feeling is making Wan Yu tremble in fear. This is not Jin Lan, This is not Hua Jin Lan at all.

“Yes, my dear sister?” Jin Lan used her soothing voice to reply.

“Let me go right now, if not…”

“If not what?” Jin Lan sighed, using her whip to hit Qing He who was behind her. “Use me to practice your whipping skills? Hmph! If my younger sister does not show me respect, your sister, I can still forgive you. However, now even a lowly servant is climbing on top of me and behaving audaciously? That I will need to punish.”

With her killing intent implanted into Wan Yu’s head, Jin Lan kept the dagger and threw the whip beside Wan Yu’s feet. “If there is nothing, you may leave now!”

Wan Yu, full of resentment, stared at Jin Lan before picking up her whip. She stared at Jin Lan a while longer before leaving, ignoring her injured servant.

“Young Mistress, what will happened to us? Young Miss suffered a loss and this may be a start of a lot of trouble in the future.” Jiao Yue trying to probe Jin Lan into sharing her thought process.

“Old Master prefers Young Miss over Young Mistress because Young Miss knows Martial Arts. However today Young Mistress triumphed against Young Miss.” Chu Yun happily commented.

Jin Lan closed her eyes preparing to take nap and indifferently said, “What are you guys talking about? I do not know any Martial Arts. It was just luck. Anyways, go and call Mei Er to come.”

Martial Arts, this is truly a difficult question. Rather than saying Wan Yu was defeated by Jin Lan, it was actually Jin Lan frightened Wan Yu. If it was in the past life, there will not be a doubt that Jin Lan was able to defeat Wan Yu using her Martial Arts, however, currently she did not have that ability. To be able to defeat Wan Yu, it really was luck. If Wan Yu would continue to fight, Jin Lan would have lost to her. The reason Jin Lan is unable to Martial Arts, the cause is mainly because of Mei Er.


(TL Note: How I normally picture female assassin in China. Thanks Ubisoft lol)

13 thoughts on “CE Chapter 11 – Killing Intent

  1. thanks a lot—-!
    oh, jin lan so cool—! -cheers excitedly- great, great job! so…who’s this mei er! was she mentioned? i cannot remember, rofl!
    yes, jin lan should learn martial arts, go—-!

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      1. to be accurate, the girl/assassin reincarnates to an olden world is a very widely-used plot in chinese novels targeted at females. it’s just that for us english readers, DOP was translated earlier.


  2. Ohhh that is one lovely picture of an assassin. Thanks for the chapter!

    I cannot possibly imagine how thick their faces is. Really. They still dare say things in front of death. Haha. Courageous! *claps*


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