CE Chapter 9 – Pride

Chapter 9 – Pride

Translated by : Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

“Splash!” It was as though a heavy object fell into the river. A nearby maid heard the sound and came to investigate, only to find the pond is full of ripples and Zhao Yi flopping around in the water.

Jin Lan pulled her leg down elegantly, straightened her clothes and walked close to the pond. She leaned over to look at the now drenched Zhao Yi, “People who are despicable, will, in the end, just receive their just desserts. Since you are so eager, it only be right for me to humble myself and play with you for a while.”

Zhao Yi could not believe his eyes. How could this Jin Lan and the thick-skinned Jin Lan be the same person.

“What’s the problem? Do you feel wronged?” Jin Lan smirked.

“Since I am a generous person, I shall forgive you. From pushing me in the water and drugging me with love potion in the past, you are simply not worth my time.”

Jin Lan stood up and start laughing while clapping, “Talking so much nonsense and as though you are a righteous person, you are nothing more than my plaything. Know your place.”

Zhao Yi’s eyes both ignited, fueled by rage for Jin Lan. He wished he could rip the woman in front of his very eyes, into bits and pieces. However, he knew that he was weak could not do anything else other than to swallow the bitter pill and endure it.

The madam hurriedly came up in order clean up the mess and Jin Lan has vented all her frustration. She lead both Jiao Yue and Chu Yun out to the front courtyard only to find it was full of people. Coincidentally, she saw the man she just met in the afternoon, Chun Yu Zhuang.

“Yo, it seems that you have an interesting hobby.” Jin Lan lowered her voice to allow Yu Zhuang to hear.

Yu Zhuang’s face suddenly changed for a short while Jin Lan passed by him and left the premises.

“What an interesting day!” Jiao Yue recalls everything happened today after returning back to their residence.

Chu Yun carry a pot of hot water in and commented, “In the past, that Zhao Yi guy loved to bully our Young Mistress, but today Young Mistress really give him what he deserves.”

Jin Lan touches her sturdy bed and while smiling to herself lie down to rest. Jiao Yue passes Jin Lan some blanket and urges, “Young Mistress, please have a good rest. Yours Truly will guard the door and protect you.”

“You do not have to do that, Jiao Yue. Come here and sleep with me.” Jin Lan patted the empty space on the bed.

Jiao Yue repeated shook her head, “No, Yours truly cannot do that. Young Mistress is my Master, but Yours truly is but just a slave and…….”

“Enough!” Jin Lan interrupted. “There is not enough blankets, so I have to make do with you. With you sleeping with me, it will be warm enough for me to sleep. Chu Yun, you will sleep in this room as well, go and prepare a mattress.”

“Young Mistress! Unwed Male and Female should not sleep together….” Chu Yun blushes.

Jin Lan sneered, “You are just a kid, you are too young to say things like that.”

Chu Yun muttered, “But I am fourteen….”

“Younger than me two years…I see.” Jin Lan sat up and silently looked at the both of them. “No matter how suspicious you are of me, from this moment on, both of you have to trust me and ensure your loyalty.”

Chu Yun and Jiao Yue looked at each other before laughing in succession, “No matter what you are, Young Mistress is Young Mistress. Young Mistress is our most important family member.”

Jin Lan pounced over and hugged Jiao Yue,”Since we are family, you should stop saying ‘Yours Truly’ or ‘Your slave’, it really bugs me. Wow…. this is the first time I notice but….. you are seriously very soft…. So huggable!”

In that moment,both Jiao Yue and Chu Yun blush at the same time, faces equally red and were unable to object any more.




19 thoughts on “CE Chapter 9 – Pride

  1. thanks a lot—-!
    oh? so he was one of those people who bullied the previous jin lan,eh? interesting—! ahaha!lol yu zhuang being there!
    ‘Jin Lan repeated shake her head’
    i believe jin lan should be changed to jiao yue, and her changed to his.


      1. ye—s, interesting hobby, haha! oh! sorry, i know she invited one of them to the bed, and that both of them are sleeping in the same room, lol! that’s all i know, haha


      2. The author did not explain much about the characters until they are useful… Personally, I only know Jiao Yue is a female only during this chapter. The author does not like to use pronouns like his or her but instead refers them by the name eg. Jiao Yue, Jin Lan etc. Only when they are relevant, the author will briefly describes them. One of my readers recommended me to make a cheat sheet to better understand the chapters.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ah, i see. a cheat sheet? hm, a glossary and characters page might bd useful! well, i mean, i guess names have their own feminine and masculine things, but some are pretty gender neutral. and i can’t tell by the names either. though names like ‘meimei’ is obviously for girls…unless the author decides otherwise. i assumed both of the servants were girls, lol


      4. Some characters are introduced quite early. But the author used gender neutral pronouns. TBH at chapter 2/3 when they just introduce Chu Yun and Jiao Yue, I knew one of them is a young male servant and another is a female servant. Until Chapter 8 than the author use some gender description like her and him that was then I know.who is who.


      5. ah, i see— i think i missed that part, ahaha! and i guess their names are pretty gender neutral too…oh well, now i know, haha, thanks!


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