CE Chapter 4 – Erupting Anger

Chapter 4 – Erupting Anger (瞬间爆发)
Translation : Sugar
Editor : zxrdm

(TL notes : Well not much to say today. I hope to use this area to communicate with my readers and see what else can I do to improve your experience. Please leave more comments so I can talk to you guys more. To those who want to thank me for these translations, let me thank you instead for taking the time to read. It is not every time people is willing to support an new TLer such as myself. Enough of the mushy stuff, let the adventure continue.)

Chu Yun bent down to pick up the Osmanthus cake from the sandy ground. In front was a cherry red horse just broke of its reins and charging wildly towards Chu Yun…..

“CHU YUN!” Jiao Yue cried out. At the same time she felt someone pass by her at high speed. The next moment, she saw fresh red blood dyeing the black hair of the figure. The horse with its throat sliced, swayed a little before falling down, the blood oozing out, forming a puddle of blood on the ground.

Nearby onlookers went silent,all eyes were glued to the knife wielding female figure drenched with blood.

“What….. What just happened?” the store owner stared at her now empty hands. The knife used to cut the Osmanthus cake was missing.

“Young…. Young Mistress…” Chu Yun who became speechless, gazing at the back of the Jin Lan.

Jin Lan answered, without even looking back “Shouldn’t you pick those pastries up?”

“Ah….Oh…. Yes.” Chu Yun quickly dust the Osmanthus cake and wrap it with paper.

The crowd chatters
“That horse…. belongs to Princess Wen Ya.”

“That was a rare breed, it can only be found at the west region.”

“That person killed it!”

“The Princess will never forgive her!”

“Miss…” the store owner added: “It would be best for you to run, if you are caught, your punishment will most likely be death penalty.”

“Young Mistress…” Both Jiao Yue and Chu Yun shivering in fear.

Exchange a human life for a horse? Preposterous!

“Is that lady crazy?”

“The Princess is here!”

The crowd parted allowing a red clad wearing female, holding a horse whip, to be seen. She looked at the corpse of the horse and then to Jin Lan, her face slowly reddens and is fueled with fury.

“Such nerves, how dare you murder the Princess’s favorite horse!” a child ran up to scold Jin Lan.

Jin Lan stared at Princess Wen Ya, Chun Yu Ru, and slowly bring up the bloody knife towards her own lips. *Lick* “Indeed it was a good horse, however it was unruly and wild. If you are unable to tame it properly, it is better off dead!”

Black hair draped over shoulder, eyes cold as ice and body drenched with blood, it was as though death god have came from hell. Even Yu Ru was speechless, unable to retort Jin Lan.

“Fourth Sister, why did you stop?” a braided-hair male appeared from the crowd.Wearing white robes, at his waist hung two jade pendants, having an aura full of grace, the exact description of a perfect man.

“But Second Brother….” Yu Ru ran towards the male, the second prince Chun Yu Zhuang, and pointed at Jin Lan, “That person killed my Hong Yi!”

“Hm?” Actually, Yu Zhuang had already seen what had happened from a nearby tea house. However, what peaked his interest was the mysterious woman, Jin Lan. While looking at the woman, all he could feel from her is the constant flow of killing intent, making the atmosphere very tense.

TL Note: In case readers do not know, Wen Ya refers to the title of a princess, in this case Wen Ya (温雅) means Refine and Elegant.
The princess real name is Chun Yu Ru (淳于茹) .
The Second Prince name is Chun Yu Zhuang (淳于庄).
Hua Jin Lan (花惊澜)
Chu Yun (出云)
Jiao Yue (皎月)

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    1. Hahas, I prepared these chapters in advance and schedule them to post automatically. So readers will be able to receive the translations at a constant flow. I also do not like to mass upload all of the chapters at once, as they say you have wait to receive good things. But dont worry I will still edit the chapter using the ones you sent me.


    1. exactly my thoughts ^~^;

      I have the feeling that we will have a few headaches with her little highness…. even more so as she has an older brother who seems to be interested in the main lead .____.

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      1. Well…. might be because most of the royalities think that they are superior and that common people are just worthless servant which they can anytime dispose?

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      1. wait lol how’d you found out, rofl! i was doing it secretly…kind of haha! it’s a series with potential, after all!


  2. Hello, just happen to come across your work here… I’m loving it …short and sweet and making me want to read more…Please continue to do more translating please..for people who don’t read Chinese, I really appreciate your hard work here…


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