CE Chapter 2- Revenge

Chapter 2- Revenge
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

(TL Notes:Thanks for the support of the 1st chapter. Special thanks to zxrdm for helping me proofread for the previous chapter.
The same name Hua Jin Lan for both the previous host and the assassin is confusing.

Hence Hua Jin Lan = 21th century Assassin

Previous host = Yue dynasty Hua Jin Lan)

As a professional assassin who has succeeded at every single mission in her previous life, the way she died was simply humiliating. Making matters worse was her current situation.

From the moment she reached the underworld, Jin Lan used her prowess against the imps forcing them to allow her to reincarnate into a better life. A peaceful place surrounded by mountains and river, born into a strong and wealthy family, peerless and most importantly beauty comparable to a goddess. However due to her carelessness, she was forced into her current situation by the imps and had to live with the situation at hand,the mess caused by the previous host.

Speaking of her previous host, it was quite a tragic story. Despite all the efforts she put in, it was all for null, not even a single person care in the least bit about her. Nevertheless, she tried to marry in to a wealthy family but no one was interested in her and treat her as though she was trash. In three occasions,she can’t even enter the main door of the family. One occasion she was allowed in but she was chased away within seconds with a broom.Finally the last option , the chief of Ti Tou Pavilion,Wen Zhao Yi, but reality wasn’t always what she wished for.

It was an endless spiral of despair for her. She wants to be loved but was rejected. This slowly turned to anger and desperation. At last, she resulted in the love potion. Unfortunately, she was caught and without any more reason to live she committed suicide. That was the life of the previous host, it was what Jin Lan could make up from the previous host’s fragmented memories. She could not see anymore than that. From the number of men she proposed, to the man she failed to seduce with the love potion and caused her death, she could not remember any of their faces. She can only remember the family members of the previous host.

Jin Lan smiled. It seems that her predecessor was also someone who only focused on benefits and avoided trouble. She would dwell on the positives and ignore the negatives. Hence, she would forget anything that is not worth remembering.

“Young Mistress, are you already?” Jiao Yue wave in front of Jin Lan’s eyes. “Please do not smile like that, it frightens me….”

Jin Lan was speechless, that was her most warmest and friendliest smile.

“Jiao Yue, How long was I out?” She questioned.

“Since your arrival from Ti Tou pavilion, it has been a day, the physician came by and said… you can’t be saved… yours truly thought…” Jiao Yue stopped to wipe her tears and smile “At least you are all better now, Young Mistress has came back from the gates of the underworld.”

Jin Lan wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, said kindly ” Since everything is well, please stop crying.”

“Young…. Mistress” Jiao Yue looked with a blank expression, forgetting to wipe her own tears.

“What’s wrong?” Jin Lan came down from the bed, Chu Yun immediately came over to put on shoes for her.

“It is just that…. Yours truly is happy for you!”Jiao Yue shook her head.

Both servants helped Jin Lan to put on clothes, she feel that the chill from the cold piercing her bones. It is time for some training in the future.

“Young Mistress, you just got well, where are going?”

Jin Lan turn around smiling as the wind blows through her hair it forms a black wave flowing in the air, she tugged her clothes. “Where you ask? Revenge of course!”

(TL Note: This reminds me of Shaft for some reason)4ab

15 thoughts on “CE Chapter 2- Revenge

  1. thank you—-!
    hm, ok, good! we’ve got two loyal people now! excellent! well, what will she do next? also, tragic life for the previous girl! hm, revenge on who? the person who sabotaged the previous, or something like that—?


  2. thanks for your hard work!!
    the beginning is pretty much like any other great assassin-woman thrown into weak-pitiful body kind of story, interesting to read, hope it will be better and better later!
    thanks for translating this series,dessugar~!XD


  3. I hope you won’t stop translating it since it looks so interesting :). Fighting!! (Kinda like good luck or something in korea lol, i’m not korean btw).


  4. As an English only speaker. Its a little hard to understamd at some points so I have to rephrase it in my head while reading. Regardless of that interesting start and good work.


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